Pixel releases adapters & flash triggers for Sony Multi-Interface shoe

Pixel Pawn TF-365 for Sony

Pixel now has flash triggers and hotshoe adapters designed for the Sony Multi Interface Shoe.

Menik SJD200 is an AC/DC bare-bulb flash and Witstro lookalike

Bessel SJD200

The Menik SJD200 promises "the convenience of a flashgun with the lighting power of a studio lamp".

Pixel Sonnon DL-914 review – big light for a small price

The Pixel Sonnon DL-914 is a 900-LED continuous light panel that is also a flash. Is it any good for stills and video?

Pixel King Pro & King X (for Nikon) review

Pixel King Pro for Nikon

Robbert tests out the Nikon version of Pixel's high-end TTL flash triggering system.

Pixel King Pro & King X (for Canon) review

Pixel King Pro and King X for Canon

Allan MacDonald tests out the new Pixel King Pro and King X E-TTL flash triggers for Canon. Are they any good?

Pixel King Pro for Nikon coming “in mid-August”

Pixel King Pro for Nikon

Pixel has announced that its latest TTL flash trigger, currently released for Canon, has a Nikon-fit version on the way.

Long term review: Yongnuo YN622C vs. Pixel King for Canon

After using both these E-TTL flash triggers over a long period for day-to-day professional work, which is the best?

Pixel King Pro updated specifications, product images published

Pixel King Pro transceiver

Final specifications have been revealed for the King Pro TTL wireless flash trigger from Pixel Enterprise.

Pixel King II will be called the King Pro, to be released “soon”

Pixel King Pro

Pixel Enterprise has said that their upcoming TTL flash trigger has been renamed the "King Pro" and "will release soon".

Focus 2013: Pixel King II coming in “June or July”, plus flash, LED

Pixel Enterprise at Focus On Imaging 2013

Pixel Enterprise has announced a series of new lighting products for 2013 and a rough release date for their King II TTL flash trigger.

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