Black Friday 2014 deals from RadioPopper

RadioPopper Jr2

Save up to $90 on various RadioPopper flash triggering systems this Black Friday.

RadioPopper Jr2 may not come to Europe ‘any time soon’

RadioPopper Jr2 in Europe

Looking forward to controlling your flashes with the RadioPopper Jr2? If you're based in Europe, you might not want to hold your breath.

Radiopopper introduces new Jr2 trigger with hotshoe

RadioPopper Jr2

RadioPopper has announced their first advanced flash trigger with a built-in hotshoe.

Fire RadioPoppers from a flash meter with new Sekonic Module

RadioPopper Sekonic Module

The RadioPopper Sekonic module fits into a light meter and triggers your flashes while taking exposure readings.

RadioPopper Nano basic flash trigger released for $140

RadioPopper Nano

Radiopopper has officially released their "extremely reliable basic radio trigger", the Nano.

RadioPopper Nano flash trigger will have “most powerful radio on the market”

RadioPopper Nano

A new video demonstrates the features of RadioPopper’s upcoming “ultimate basic trigger”.

RadioPopper Nano to be “easiest, most reliable and affordable” flash trigger

RadioPopper Nano

US-based firm RadioPopper is about to release a basic 4-channel wireless flash trigger.

RadioPopper PX firmware update increases compatibility

RadioPopper PX Transmitter

The latest RadioPopper's PX-series flash triggers add Canon 1D X and Nissin Di866 Mk II compatibility.

RadioPopper JrX coming to European market after long delay

The RadioPopper JrX flash trigger system, which allows remote power control of Nikon and Canon speedlights, is going to be available in Europe as of this month.

European frequency RadioPopper PX announced

RadioPoppers in Europe

European frequency RadioPopper PX triggers will be available to order from Monday. A JrX model is also in the works.

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