Aputure Amaran AL-528 is their biggest LED panel yet

Aputure Amaran AL-528

Chinese accessory maker Aputure has announced the Amaran AL-528, their newest and biggest LED panel.

Aputure Trigmaster Plus II 2.4G review

So I was invited to try my hand at some phood fotography at a local craft beer pub. What better way to put the Aputure Trigmaster Plus II 2.4G through its paces?

Aputure announces Trigmaster Plus II 2.4G wireless remote

Aputure Trigmaster Plus II 2.4G

Aputure have announced their latest Trigmaster-series radio flash trigger, with 500–1000 metres of range.

Aputure Trigmaster II 2.4G review

Aputure Trigmaster II transmitter and receiver

What's been improved in the Trigmaster II 2.4G, the latest wireless flash trigger from Aputure?

Aputure update flash trigger to Trigmaster II 2.4G

Aputure Trigmaster II 2.4G

The Trigmaster 2.4G wireless remote has been improved with longer range, AAA batteries and support for high voltage flashes.

Aputure Trigmaster 2.4G review

Aputure Trigmaster 2.4G receiver

We found the 2010 Trigmaster a bit short on features and slow in speed compared to competing triggers. The new version has received a raft of improvements making it one of the most attractive systems on the market.

Aputure Trigmaster Plus 2.4GHz transceiver review

We review the new 2.4GHz version of the Trigmaster Plus, Aputure's transceiver-based wireless flash remote and shutter release.

Deal alert: Aputure Trigmaster Plus Transceivers

Aputure Trigmaster Plus Interlink system

Aputure Trigmaster Plus flash transceivers have halved in price to $59.95.

Aputure Trigmaster Plus available in Europe

Aputure's Trigmaster Plus flash triggering system is now available for €100-110 in Germany and Italy.

Aputure Trigmaster flash trigger released

Aputure Trigmaster

Aputure's 433MHz Trigmaster flash trigger has been released on eBay. It is available for US$52 from Hong Kong based seller izenet.

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