Pixel seeks beta testers for X700C flash

Pixel X700C

Pixel is looking for 20 photographers to try out its new X700C E-TTL flash before release.

Nicefoto N-Flash RQ to offer TTL, HSS and iPhone control

Nicefoto N-Flash RQ

Nicefoto's N-Flash RQ is a battery-powered studio flash with wireless TTL and high-speed sync.

Godox to unveil TT685C radio flash and X1 TTL trigger

Godox TT685C

The Godox TT685C will be an E-TTL flash with a built-in radio, compatible with the X1 wireless TTL trigger.

Mcoplus diving LED panel takes lighting to new depths

Mcoplus Diving Video LED Light

A new underwater LED panel will light up your photos and videos at depths down to 40 metres.

Photodynamic Angle Light shoots around corners in small studios

Photodynamic Angle Light

Photodynamic has unveiled a new studio light, Angle Light, featuring a tilting, swivelling, articulated flash head.

iblazr 2 phone flash adds wireless colour control, native app support

iblazr 2

The next-generation iBlazr smartphone flash, iBlazr 2, is a bi-colour LED that syncs with Android/iOS camera apps via Bluetooth.

Tric is a crowdfunded flash trigger for iPhone

Tric iPhone flash example

The Tric lets you use proper Xenon hotshoe flashes and studio lights directly with your iPhone camera.

Yongnuo announces YN622C II and YN622N II TTL triggers

Yongnuo YN622N II

The latest generation of Yongnuo YN622 II TTL flash triggers for Canon and Nikon have RF-603/5 compatibility and a new case design.

radioSTROBE: the ultimate (cancelled) off-camera speedlite


RadioSTROBE was designed as a dedicated radio-controlled off-camera flash system. But now it's cancelled.

Valo is a modular, wireless, crowdfunded LED flash with zero recycle time


A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for Valo, an LED flash and video light that is wireless, modular and programmable.

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