Godox XT32 manual HSS flash controller announced

Godox XT32

Godox has announced a new radio flash controller, the XT32.

Godox AD600 remote heads support up to 2400Ws output

AD600 02

Godox's new modular Witstro heads can connect to multiple AD600s, providing 1200/2400Ws output.

Multiblitz M6 will be an AC/DC monolight with TTL & HSS

Multiblitz at The Photography Show 2016

Coming this summer: the Multiblitz M6, a €1000 portable TTL studio flash for Canon, Nikon and Panasonic.

Bowens Generation X teasers appear at Photography Show

Bowens Lounge at The Photography Show 2016

Bowens' delayed Generation X flashes will be "available summer 2016", according to half-hidden posters at The Photography Show.

Lencarta won’t be at the Photography Show either

Lencarta at The Photography Show 2016

Lencarta has apparently pulled out of a UK trade fair because "new products... won't be ready", following a similar move by Bowens.

MeiKe R200 close-up lighting system ‘supports 8 flashes at once’

MeiKe R200

MeiKe has announced the R200, a modular close-up flash photography system for Canon, Nikon and Sony.

MeiKe MK420: a Li-ion radio-enabled TTL flash for Sony

MeiKe MK420 Speedlite

The MeiKe MK420 Speedlite, a future wireless TTL flash for Sony, has been announced.

Sony is working on its own radio flash control system

Sony Wireless Flash System

Sony has announced development of the FA-WRC1M wireless radio commander and FA-WRR1 receiver, coming this summer.

Phottix Odin II for Sony teased

Phottix Odin II for Sony

Phottix has posted a teaser for the upcoming release of the Odin II TTL flash trigger for Sony.

MagBeam fresnel gives ‘2-3 stops more light’ + variable beam for speedlights


The MagMod MagBeam is a crowdfunded modular fresnel attachment for hotshoe flashguns.

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