Nissin Air 2.4GHz wireless flash system announced for Canon, Nikon & Sony

Nissin Air Commander 1

The Nissin Air System (NAS) includes the Di700A flash, Air Commander 1 and a NAS receiver, supporting wireless TTL and manual control.

This is the Yongnuo YNE3-RX receiver for Canon RT

Yongnuo YNE3-RX

Yongnuo has released photos of the YNE3-RX, their upcoming radio receiver that will let you add any flash to a Canon radio system.

Yongnuo YNE3-RX receiver announced; adds Canon RT functions to any flash

Yongnuo YN-E3-RT

Yongnuo has announced an upcoming product called the YNE3-RX, expected to be a universal receiver for the Canon RT system.

Lytro light-field cameras will get TTL flash support from Viltrox

Lytro Illum and Viltrox JY680L

The Viltrox JY680L is a new TTL flash for the Lytro Illum — a camera that lets you change focus and depth of field after taking the photo.

Pixel announces X800C Speedlite with E-TTL and built-in radio

Pixel Speedlite X800C

The Pixel X800C includes an integrated receiver compatible with the company's King-series 2.4GHz wireless triggers.

CamsFormer — a new all-in-one camera trigger


CamsFormer is a new DSLR tethering, high-speed trigger, time-lapse, lightning trigger multi-tool. It is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.

Leaked pics show Olympus FL-LM3 flash – with rotating head?

Olympus FL-LM3 on E-M5II

The next flash to be bundled with Olympus mirrorless cameras may have a tilting and swivelling head for bounce lighting.

Nissin Di700 Air and Air Commander: new wireless flash system on the way?

Nissin Di700

Flash-maker Nissin is thought to be working on a flash called the Di700 Air and a device called the Air Commander.

Vela One – a very fast flash for high speed photography


The Vela One is an LED flash capable of freezing a speeding bullet. It is seeking support on Kickstarter.

MagMod adds the MagSnoot to their Kickstarter


The MagSnoot is a crowd-funded snoot which can be attached magnetically to speedlights.

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