Paul C. Buff CyberSense studio controller announced

Touch and slide your finger to control up to four groups of Alien Bees, Einstein or White Lightning flashes from this new studio lighting controller.

Paul C Buff CyberSense

American lighting manufacturer Paul C. Buff has announced a new studio flash controller called the CyberSense.

It is a handheld remote that can be used to adjust the flash and modelling lamp power on up to four Alien Bees, DigiBees, Einstein or White Lightning flashes connected to CyberSync wireless triggers. Unusually, it has a touch-and-slide control system rather than a dial or up-and-down buttons.

Adjustment is possible in 1/10-stop increments, range is 300 feet and the unit takes two AAA batteries. There are 16 channels from which to choose.

In what looks like a bit of a missed opportunity (compared to the Godox XPro or Jinbei TR-Q6), the CyberSense doesn’t have a hotshoe foot so you can’t use it as your primary trigger, unless you connect it to your camera’s PC sync port. However, you can use the Cyber Commander for triggering plus remote control, or the CyberSync Trigger Transmitter for simple triggering.

Order the CyberSense now for $79.95 directly from Paul C. Buff.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • yitzy

    this works only on channels 1-4 ?!

    • Bill

      Up to 4 different lights.

  • Bill

    We used to call that component, which is to say every piece of a unit is made up of individual constituent parts, thus easily replaced if one of the individual components were to break.

    But you are right, it looks like it is from the 1980’s! Although Buff equipment is kick ass.

  • j cortes

    Aside from the 1980’s look it just looks like wasted effort on the part of PCB. Why not make a better version of the cyber commander instead ? Hopefully they did not sink too much R&D money into this?

    • Rich Andreoli

      Not everybody needs the extra features of a Cyber Commander, such as storing different setups. This looks great for someone who just wants to be able to change power settings remotely. It is basically a wireless version of their former wired remote.

      • j cortes

        Come on man be honest . They could just have released a new cyber commander with these features. It’s not like the cyber commander is expensive to begin with .

        • Rich Andreoli

          You’re right, they could have and they may still in the future. Paul C Buff Company has had several different remote controls existing at the same time throughout their history. I started with them when they first introduced their Ultra lights in the 1980’s and they had an earlier version of the wired remote they have now. Then they created the Compuscene which was similar to the Cyber Commander in that you could store different light setups. This was wired though. Then they came out with a basic wireless triggering system which is still available and is radio controlled. Then they added onto that product and made the Cyber Commander. They actually now offer 4 different remote systems for different needs and budgets. Personally, I don’t need the Cyber Commander’s setup storage or light meter. I setup my lights differently and I own more than one excellent light meter. I can’t see why I would want to spend $100.00 more than I need to. I bet they will come out with an updated Cyber Commander soon. They also have 4 different lines of lights: Alien Bees, Digi Bees, X Series and Einstein, in many different power levels, so people can choose what is right for them.:))

          • j cortes

            Totally understand about not wanting to spend the extra $100 . As for PCB , I think they are a great company and I would like for them to stick around a while longer . Just hope they’re able to stay competitive .

  • Plywood

    At first look i thought was a phone app. Seem to be a dated concept compared to today’s technology