Elemental Trinity Nano: ‘sleek, bullet shaped studio light’

The British lighting company Elemental – the same people behind the trendy 3 Legged Thing tripod brand – are releasing a new series of studio flash heads. The Trinity Nano is a small, compact unit to complement the manufacturer’s more sophisticated Trinity MkII monolights.

Elemental Trinity Nano

The Elemental Trinity Nano sports the universal S-fit accessory bayonet and has a rubberised finish. Each of the two models – the 200J Nano 2 and 400J Nano 4 – offers five stops of manual power variation using the digital control panel on the rear. According to the company, the body’s “unique shape and careful placement of fins” means that no cooling fan is needed and the Trinity Nano can still operate “under the most rigorous conditions for hours on end”. There are disadvantages to the Trinity Nano over the Trinity MkII, however. The Nano comes with only a 75W modelling lamp (versus 150W) and isn’t available in models more powerful than 400J.

Elemental Trinity Nano

Twin head, customisable kits start at £379, available directly from Elemental. Visit their web site for listings. For a portable power solution, Elemental also resell the Godox Leadpower battery inverter, currently priced at £520.

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