Hedler releases new DX25 HMI with internal ballast

Hedler, a lighting company with 40 years experience, has released their new DX-25 HMI light.

This new light is now their most powerful HMI light at 250W, equivalent in output to a 1000W tungsten lamp. Light is balanced at approximately 5800 degrees Kelvin. Hedler emphasizes that the unit operates very cool which makes it ideal for sound recordings and heat-sensitive subjects.

Also, the unit is rated at 1,000 operating hours while the internal electronic ballast will last approximately 60,000 operating hours. The internal ballast is a unique design feature, which allows for a more compact design.

Hedler DX25

The Hedler DX-25 HMI will be available for £759.00 + Vat. The unit will be available via Flaghead Photographic dealers and on display at The Photography Show next month.

  • Sincity

    No Elinchrom mount?? No Bowens mount?? How to control the light??

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