Interfit Honey Badger is “fiercely powerful” studio flash

With a 60W LED modelling lamp and built-in radio control, the $300 Honey Badger hopes to give higher-end lights a run for their money.

Interfit Honey Badger

Interfit has launched a new studio flash called the Honey Badger. It is a 320Ws monolight with manual power adjustment, a 60-watt modelling lamp and built-in radio control.

The head runs from mains power and has a standard Bowens S-type accessory bayonet. A ring around the mount also supports pop-up softboxes.

Interfit has given the Honey Badger an unusual name and a bright design to help it stand out. It is named after the “world’s most fearless creature”, supposedly because the lamp is compact yet ‘fiercely powerful’.

According to Interfit: “Our Honey Badger is a compact, 320Ws studio flash head equipped with the speed, power, and versatility that every photographer needs to attack their next shoot.”

Interfit Honey Badger

Specifications include:

  • 320Ws flash
  • 60W LED modelling lamp, daylight balanced
  • Manual power control from full to 1/64 in 1/10-stop increments
  • 1 second recycling time at full power
  • Flash duration (t.1) 1/975 sec
  • Bowens S-fit accessory mount
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz radio control

Interfit Honey Badger

You can control the light using the same controller as for the Interfit S1 TTL studio flash, excluding TTL support. One can have up to eight groups of Honey Badgers and S1s, with 15 different channels. The remote allows adjustment of flash power and proportional modelling lamp control.

At 60W, or a claimed “equivalent light output of a 300W tungsten lamp”, the LED modelling lamp is one of the brightest we have yet seen. It is even as powerful as some standalone video lamps.

Though quirky, the Honey Badger is the spitting image of the Paul C Buff DigiBee 800, in both style and feature set. The DigiBee costs $30 more, has a 15W more powerful modelling lamp, a different accessory mount and more 1980s-style controls, but is otherwise similar in most other respects.

The Interfit Honey Badger is available now in the US for $299.99 and will be available in the UK from September. For more information, visit the Interfit Photographic web site.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • denton

    Do people still buy lights where the sole power source is A/C? Why?

    • Michael – Visual Pursuit

      Faster recycle time, unlimited number of pops, brighter pilot light, no need to wear down a battery when mains is available. The pathetic modelling light of most battery powered flashes doesn’t help much in a studio environment, and doesn’t do anything against the sun.

      • To add to this: the Honey Badger has a 60W modelling lamp (twice as powerful as the 24W LED on the battery-powered Profoto B1X). If you are still working in a studio-like environment and use modelling lamps a lot, then switching to a new light like this with LEDs could help you save a bit on your electricity bill.

        • Michael – Visual Pursuit

          Would be interesting to see it live. I have bought a few LED lamps lately and measured their wattage. Most of them barely had more than half the advertised wattage.

          • If we get one in to review, I’ll be sure to measure it.

  • Troublemann

    Appears to be the same form factor, small and square, I have owned many AB’s and loved them and when I had to contact customer support, the people was great A+ support, the stickers had fallen off the side of the strobe and I forgot that the modeling light was on and the hot bulb melted the cover and when I contacted support they sent me replacements for both for free, Wow yes free. The only issue that I had or disliked was the non bowens mount. The AB’s mount is not the best and I prefer bowens mount over the AB’s and from what I can see the specs are very close, but one big advantage that I can see the Honey Badger has the integrated bowens mount and integrated 2.4G radio receiver, too bad it’s not Godox X1 compatible.

  • wallybrooks

    I have AB including the new Digi Bee. Interfit: What I like is the Bowens mount. Buff: what I like the Cyber Commander to control all aspects of manual adjustment including tgroups and modeling lights. I wouldnt change at this point. I am looking at Godox for portable use. That said a Digi Bee and vagabond mini makes for a very portable setup too.

    What both of these need is a better safety cable mounting