InMyBag website lets you ogle other photographers’ gear

A new website has launched that showcases the equipment carried by prominent photographers.

In the bag of "nimble photographer" Derrick Story

Camera bags are a seriously personal and passionate topic among photographers. I know if I post a question about a camera bag, I’ll get lots of responses. People I haven’t heard from in a long time will chime in. The website is going to add fire to this fetish!

In the bag of "nimble photographer" Derrick Story
In the bag of “nimble photographer” Derrick Story

There are two things that the website does: show what a photographer carries in their camera bags and allows the photographer to showcase some of their work. doesn’t always show the actual bag a photographer may use. But always the gear inside.

Adventure Filmmaking Gear on
In the bag of adventure film-maker Hannah Maia Taylor

While I think there are many great, useful websites on photography. I don’t think there as many that have a really fun feel to them. The website is incredibly low-fuss, easy to read and satisfies our need for gear and bags. The diversity of photographers and gear is surprisingly wide from iPhone videographers to adventure photographers.

And helps you decide on what your next camera will be!

Visit They even have a dedicated category for lighting kit.

Ricardo Gomez
Ricardo Gomez is a photographer based in New York City who specializes in fashion and portrait photography.
  • Ranger 9

    Fun, but be prepared for an unbelievably dense layer of overinflated ego and self-promotion. Seems as if everybody is a self-proclaimed superstar, genius, innovator, international award winner, or trendsetter. And almost everybody has a workshop to plug or a product to sell.

    • RJBradbury

      A Men. Sad reality of this industry right now. Granted some are business people and do actually have something to offer but most of it is noise accompanied by affiliation/sponsor links. I have talked about my gear before but gone in to what and why instead of a show and tell like you always see these days, we need more signal and on point information when it comes to gear.. people are constantly buying stuff they don’t need or now what it will do for them. This is one site I will avoid.

  • TrP