Jinbei Discovery pack quietly updated with LCD screen, built-in radio

Jinbei seems to have updated its Discovery lighting system with a new case, different controls and a built-in 2.4GHz receiver.

Jinbei Discovery DC-1200

Jinbei, the Shanghai-based lighting manufacturer, seems to have updated its popular Discovery portable lighting system, Lighting Rumours has learnt.

Will Gregory, a photographer in Beijing, says he recently bought a Jinbei DC-1200 from Chinese internet retailer Taobao and made a discovery about his Discovery: the pack he received has extra features in it and “seems to be an updated version of the existing model”. The changes include:

  • Soft carrying case instead of silver hard case
  • Integrated wireless receiver (manual claims it is compatible with TRS 2.4 Ghz transmitter)
  • Yellowish backlit LCD display with selectable items via the push/rotary knob instead of big red LEDs
  • Adjustable items are: slow/fast charging, wireless receiver channel, modelling lights on/off and timer

The manufacturer’s official web site, however, still shows pictures and specifications of the old model and no announcement has been made. If confirmed, it will demonstrate that the company is moving towards building radio control into many of its lights, following the example of rival Godox.

The Jinbei Discovery (DC) is a battery-powered pack-and-head flash system designed for use on professional location photo-shoots. You can read our full review of the Jinbei DC-600 here.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • Good start 😉

  • the flasher

    hmm interesting……i wanted to buy this product but ended up with the godox Energiser 600 pack and head just because of the remote power adjustment ability. I would be interested to find out what the remote unit is that works with this unit???

    • Panchoskywalker

      What do you think about the godox so far? Is the head really flimsy?

    • Pixel Ninja

      Yeah @the flasher, please do share your experience with godox xenergizer. There are a lot of people looking forward to a first hand review but there are none available anywhere on internet. Adding to what @Panchoskywalker has asked, can you also share how much is the power diff between lowest and highest power? I’m asking this because the earlier version i.e. Godox 600ex had just 3 stop difference between highest and lowest levels, which according to so people rendered it not so useful indoors.

      I’m heading towards Hong Kong next week on a business trip and plan to pick up one of these, but right now torn between Godox xenergizer and discovery 600.

      @David Shelby: would you please like to pitch in with your expert comments and a recommendation?

      Many thanks

      • We’re in the process of getting an XEnergizer sample and Eduardo will compare it directly to the (old) Jinbei DC.

        • Pixel Ninja

          Fantastic! Thanks @David & @flasher. This will be of immense help to a lot of guys!


    • Alexander Loff

      As far as I understand, JINBEI embedded flash controller from new CALER ECL (very similar)

      And it’s probably full remote flash control (including control pilot light) and synchronization in 10 groups
      Must be compatible remotes JB-RC for complete control and a new TRS with basic functions.

      But I may be wrong in some details. I have not had the opportunity to use the new DC ..

  • DZ

    Does the flash head have an led modeling light?

  • Headshotz

    I think I prefer the old LCD. Reading the power setting on the new one looks difficult because the print is so small.

  • Adi Marwan

    I’m seeing remote power adjustment will be available sometime soon. Hopefully they’ll release a transceiver or trigger that could control the power remotely. By transceiver, I’m not referring to the current remote control that comes with the pioneer DPsIII..

  • interesting, can’t get this update in shanghai jinbei store ..

  • Alex Pullin

    The TRS remote isn’t bad. You get power adjustment (in 10th stops), obviously you can’t see the power level on the remote which can be annoying, but with a pack and head system at least the pack’s more accessible than a monolight 10ft in the air. I haven’t really tested the range on the remote. But I’m finding the lack of an on switch, to be a slight annoyance. You have to press and hold the test fire button to turn on the remote and then it goes to sleep after a few minutes (perhaps it wouldn’t if I were using it as a trigger as opposed to just a remote). There’s no groups, so running more than one pack wouldn’t make for easy remote adjustment, but there’s a handy workaround, channel 15 on the trigger will fire all packs irrespective of the pack channel, so changing to the correct channels on the remote to adjust power and then back to 15 will get you where you’re going.

    Hope someone finds the info useful! I know I’ve focused on the negatives, but I think the positives of having remote adjustment are pretty obvious already. And I do like the system, I just think there are a few things that could be better.

  • luke

    Can 1200 Ws go so low in power that can be use in studio for product shots? Or for usch thing it’s better to buy 600 ?