• Ross Campbell

    Can’t wait for the Chinese manufacturers to copy these .. I mean 264.99 for the large ezyboxx II is outrageous

  • Ben Johnson

    Surely interchangable fitting on softboxes have been around for a very long time. I have a single softbox that I purchased from Focus on imaging 2004ish. This box is used on my elinchrom heads, my cheap bowens S-fit heads and of course my Canon 430exII and my Canon 580exII. I just needed to purchase a couple of speedrings and a bracket with it. Also the softbox was supplied with grid, interchangable panels for the interior so I could choose between gold silver or white. And it was also supplied with masks so that I can change the shape of the light easily enough. And to top it off I paid less then 100 for this box and brackets.
    I use it as a strip light 100cm x 40cm, 100cm x 70cm or a square softbox 100cm x 100cm depending on my requirements.
    I think this is a rather expensive rip off of what was a intuitive design about 10 years ago.

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