Lollipod is an ultra-portable stand for lighting and self-portraits

A colourful new light stand promises to brighten up your location photo-shoots. The Lollipod is an ultra-lightweight tripod for small cameras, phones and lights.

Lollipod .com - The Tripod / Monopod / Boom / Lighting & Selfie

The manufacturer calls it “a unique multi-device support that enables you to push the limits of your chosen genre”. Basically, it’s a compact light stand with a tilt-head on the top. Folded up, the Lollipod is 320 mm long, so it’s pretty portable, but it extends out to a maximum height of 1.13 metres.

Lollipod .com - The Tripod / Monopod / Boom / Lighting & Selfie

Weighing in at just 320 grams, this is a seriously light light stand, but the trade-off is it’s only strong enough to hold fairly light lights: 420 grams maximum load to be precise. That’s probably OK for a titchy Yongnuo YN460 or a small LED panel, but the beefier Canon 600EX-RT will be over the limit before you’ve even put the batteries in.

But if you’re tired of dull (albeit sturdy) black and silver stands on your photo-shoots then you’re in for a treat, because the Lollipod comes in an array of bright colours including pink, green and brown. To keep the whole thing from blowing away, you also get a free “stabilising kit” — a little mesh to hold ballast beneath the legs.

Lollipod .com - The Tripod / Monopod / Boom / Lighting & Selfie

In the United Kingdom you can get yourself a Lollipod for £29.99 plus postage (Europe: €37; USA: $48). It comes with a 12-month warranty. Visit for more information.

Would you buy one? It might not hold a 600Ws strobe, but it comes in pink!

  • Sincity

    I think I would pass… It would need to hold any speedlight including the SB-900/910.
    For the same price, I can get stands for background lights. Almost the same height, and for the same cost.

  • At four feet tall, I think calling it a light stand is a stretch. Not sure what this thing is for, and definitely don’t want bright colors calling attention to my gear and messing up an event planner’s color scheme. Harumph, grumble, grumble.

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