LumoPro publish LP180 teaser

LumoPro have released an image hinting at the appearance of their upcoming LP180 Quad Sync Manual Flash.

LumoPro LP180 teaser

LumoPro LP180 teaser

LumoPro have released an image hinting at the appearance of their upcoming LP180 Quad Sync Manual Flash. This latest picture comes following initial leaks and an official announcement that the company is developing the device, the successor to the LP160, which was popular among off-camera flash enthusiasts.

The teaser, published on the firm’s web site, gives little away except the outline of the speedlight body, the engraved LumoPro logo and a glowing red “Ready” light. The flash head has a stylised cutaway design but whether this has any practical utility is not clear.

LumoPro LP180 teaser

What do you think of this latest titbit of information about the elusive LP180? Are you interested in buying one when it is finally released?

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • Looks like it might have a way of taking modifiers on the head like grids and gels to be bought as an upsell kit… if it has its a great idea.. Head looks big enough to have a 200mm zoom..

  • shane butler

    i will likely buy one or two, i have 2 lumopro 160’s, and really like them…. Only thing that will stop me is if they dont have more power adjustments! Only full stops, need 1/3 stop adjustments. I am selling off my sb80’s (just sold one, and have 1 left) hoping to get the 180’s to replace the sb’s….

  • Wally in Austin

    I have a couple of 160 which are a great value for the price. The issue for off camera flash users is which company will build in radio frequency manual and/or i/eTTL control. For manual flash users having the ability to dial in the exposure in 1/3 stop increments looks like the direction flash makers are going. Hopefully Lumopro is taking this direction

  • Chris Kenworthy

    i went to buy a 160 found out they stopped selling them and waited for the update. but with the YN560 III out now i think i’ll stop wasting my time.

  • dumeril7

    Love my LP160 and was planning to buy another until they discontinued them. Now I’ll either get the LP180 when it comes out, or spring for another Nikon unit. I don’t trust the Yongnuo flashes from all the reports of problems on the ‘net.

  • antra

    I wish they make also an external battery system for this LP180, or atleast put some universal connection to it enabling the use of some other well known and trustworthy manufacturers battery kit.