Mettle 300/600J AC/DC flashes available in USA

USA seller OEC Camera have listed a pair of 300J/600J Bowens S-fit AC/DC studio flashes.

Mettle 600AD

Mettle 600AD

Texas, USA: eBay seller OEC Camera have listed two AC/DC studio flashes manufactured by Mettle. The 300AD and 600AD are 300J and 600J Bowens-mount flashes operating on 110VAC or an included 16VDC battery pack. They are similar to theĀ Adorama Flashpoint M andĀ Quantuum R+ Dual Power series.

The Kurbster (who supplied the picture above) has written a hands-on review of the Mettle 600AD which can be foundĀ here.Ā The specifications are the same as the Quantuum R+ Dual Power with exception for the AC voltage:

Quantuum R+ Dual Power

Power,Ws300600Quantuum R+ Dual Power
GN, m 5878
Recycle, AC/DC 1.5 / 5.5s1.5 / 5.5s
PackBattery Pack Battery Pack
Size, mm 195x165x65195x165x65
AliasesMettle 300AD, 600AD - Proxistar PS-300C
RetailersFoto-Tip (PL) - Photo-Shop-Studio (AU) - Mediaresort (DE) - OEC Camera (USA)

The Mettle 300AD and 600AD are priced at $257.75 and $298.25 respectively at OEC Camera.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.

    The Kurbster is sponsored by OEC, has has written abiut
    that flash all over the web

    • John, 1st. I am not sponsored by OEC Camera, 2nd I did a
      review of this flash for everyone to check out it’s specs. It has
      only been posted on my website, my facebook, and the flickr
      strobist group (Not all over the web) Get your facts straight
      before you post misleading comments about someone else. Have A
      Happy Holiday Season The Kurbster

  • hi how many full power pops you get from the

    • David Selby

      200 flashes at 300J and 100 at 600J according to the seller.

  • does anybody know the t.1 flash duration at full power of these unit ??

  • I friend bought a 3 set of 600ADs with power packs we’ve used them on location during wedding shoots and tomorrow night i am going to use them for group shots at an engagement party, so far they work well and very good at the price

  • I have 300 and 600J flash and it dit not freeze action like I want to…

    My speedlight is more efficient for freezing action than this more powerfull flashes. I don’t know why …

    • David A. Selby

      Speedlights are, by design, much quicker than more powerful flashes. Only since quite recently can you get monolights with fast flash durations.

  • Ryan

    The flash duration is long … I start to lose flash power with a shutter speed faster than 1/80th. At full sync speed of a 70D (1/250th) I’ve lost about 2 stops. This is in the dark room with no ambient light, f8, ISO 100 etc.