New Hedler HMI lighting kits available in the UK

Flaghead Photographic, the UK & Ireland distributor of German brand Hedler lighting equipment, has released two new continuous lighting kits. Each one includes some of Hedler’s latest self-contained HMI lamps, the DF15 and DX15 series, which use 150 Watts of power but are claimed to emit the equivalent light output of a 650 Watt halogen lamp.

What is the difference between the DF15 and DX15? The DX15 is a fixed floodlight (with safety glass) while the DF15 has a fresnel that can focus  its beam angle from 15° to 65° (with a safety grid). Neither unit has a noise-making cooling fan so they can be used in video production as well as stills photography.

The first of the two bundles is called the Hedler DF15 Focus Kit, including a pair of DF15 heads, barndoors for each, cables, bulbs and a handy case to put everything in. This will set you back £1570.90 including VAT.

Hedler TV Focus Kit

The other kit is called the DX & DF15 3-Head Kit, containing two DX15 heads, one DF15, a set of barndoors, a ‘Maxisoft’ and a ‘Maxisun’ reflector with scrim, plus stands, cables, bulbs and a case for it all. For this lot you’ll be paying £2,338.80 including VAT.

Hedler DX DF Kit 2012

For more information and a list of dealers, visit the Flaghead Photographic web site. For other international Hedler distributors, check the Hedler Systemlicht web site.

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