New ‘Speedbox’ light modifier for flashguns

The Speedbox is a new kind of portable folding softbox designed for hotshoe flashes. It is made by Rime Lite of Korea – better known for their high quality studio flash systems and Grand Softboxes.

Rime Lite Speedbox

Hexagonal in shape, the Speedbox measures 50 centimetres across and weighs a feathery 0.7kg.

Rime Lite Speedbox

Unlike the ubiquitous low-cost umbrella softboxes and Westcott Apollo clones from China, the Rime Lite Speedbox points in the same direction as the flash head. It has a mounting bracket specifically shaped to fit hotshoe flashes, similar to “Easy-Fold” speedlight softboxes and the Aurora Firefly.

Contrasting with the aforementioned alternatives, you don’t pop up the Speedbox or open it like an umbrella. Rather, you quickly raise the canopy using conventional rods that click into place. Once put together for the first time, you can collapse the Speedbox without removing any of the poles. The advantage of this system over the Aurora Firefly is that there is no bulky metal umbrella slider blocking the front of the flash head. This, combined with the double diffusion panels, should provide an even spread of light.

Rime Lite Speedbox

Every feature of the bracket is adjustable, allowing different size flash heads and even wireless flash triggers to be accommodated. A grab-handle on the rear makes it easier to adjust the tilt angle when setting up.

For further information and assembly instructions, refer to the Rime Lite Speedbox promotional brochure (PDF format).

The company behind FlashWave triggers, SMDV – who are also Korean – make a very similar softbox. It is called the Diffuser-50 and you can find more details about it here.

Where to buy

Price and release date are unknown. For the latest updates, follow Rime Lite on Facebook.

  • Stuart

    Thanks lightingrumours, this looks to be another very interesting product.
    Keep up the good work.

  • jeff

    this seems pretty cool, I’ll have to see how fast it is to setup in real life, and if you need a clear table to put it together. I shoot social events, sometimes have to use umbrellas due to time, but I prefer the light from boxes like this…

  • Onde compro por favor, como compro?

  • great product ! Got the one from SMDV last week and love it !
    Setup takes a few seconds

    • Colin Henry

      Where did you order it from?



      • John S.

        You can order the SMDV Diffuser 50 in the USA from Fotodiox for $159.95.

        • Colin Henry


  • Can I place two flashes instead of one when I need more light?

    • David A. Selby

      Into the same Speedbox? Doesn’t look like it.

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