No batteries required: new cable lets PocketWizards draw power from DSLRs

A new cable from PocketWizard allows the company's radio triggers to draw their power directly from Nikon DSLRs.

PW-DC-N10 powering a PocketWizard MultiMAX, MiniTT1 and Plus III from a Nikon D4

A new cable from PocketWizard allows the company’s radio triggers to draw their power directly from Nikon DSLRs. The PW-DC-N10, or “Nikon Power Cable”, plugs into the 10-pin shutter release port found on most higher-end Nikon cameras and provides power to PocketWizard Plus III, MiniTT1 and MultiMAX transmitters mounted in the hotshoe.

PW-DC-N10 powering a PocketWizard MultiMAX, MiniTT1 and Plus III from a Nikon D4

So that’s one fewer set of batteries you have to keep charged (though you’ll still need them for your receivers unless your lights have integrated radios). “This is especially helpful for users of the MiniTT1, whose coin-cell battery can be hard-to-find when needed,” said PocketWizard.

You don’t need to worry about this draining all the juice in your camera batteries though, the company added, because the triggers “use very little power” and therefore have “almost no impact on a camera’s battery life”.

The 15cm cable is also pretty short, so hopefully it won’t get in your way while handling the camera. It is said to be compatible with “any Nikon camera with a 10-pin remote terminal”, powering the PocketWizard MiniTT1, Plus III and any MultiMAX which has a USB port. A little blue light glows when the cable is connected.


In the USA the cable costs $19.95 and will be sold by B&H Photo and among others. UK pricing hasn’t been announced but it’ll be distributed through Johnson’s Photopia, probably retailing for £15–20.

Battery-free flash accessories are not a new thing, but are usually the preserve of compact system cameras. Clip-on flashes for Samsung NX, Sony NEX and Nikon 1, as well as some radio triggers, take power directly from the camera’s accessory port to cut down on size and weight.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • oolong not cool

    yongnuo, please make it happen, imagine a 560 III, with an wireless trigger that don’t need extra batteries

    • mooboy

      Interesting idea.. wonder what would be involved in getting a nikon cable and soldering it up to the battery terminals of a RF-602. Or, soldering a usb adaptor to the RF-602. That would get rid of need for the custom battery!

  • Jay Scott

    So, the Plus II is clearly shown in the photos but not mentioned in the article nor on retailers’ sites. that I don’t see a USB port on any of my +IIs. I don’t see a 3.5V version. Something is missing or incorrect, I believe.

    • No, that’s a MultiMAX, not a Plus II. Some, but not all, MultiMAXes have USB ports.

      • Jay Scott

        Ahh, of course. Read closer next time. My mistake.

  • Hmm.. My AOKAtec Bluetooth GPS dongle powers itself from D7000’s GPS/shutter socket. Why not my Odin?..

  • adrian

    To bad there is no Canon love.