Nissin is developing another ultra-heatproof flash

Nissin MG series logo

Nissin is developing a 2.4GHz 'industry standard' MG-series flash with extreme heat resistance.

Aputure Light Storm COB is S-fit LED lamp with 96+ CRI

Aputure Light Storm COB LSC-120D

Aputure has introduced the Light Storm COB, a Bowens S-mount LED lamp for photography and video lighting.

Godox TT350S flash for Sony now in stock; Nikon/Canon versions on the way

Godox TT350N

Godox's compact radio master/slave flash, the TT350S, is now available for Sony, priced $85.

Godox BT5800 high-capacity battery now available on eBay

Godox BT5800

The Godox BT5800 is a flash battery pack, a portable power source for LED lights and USB charger, and it can be yours for $98.

Studio lighting on a budget: $20 Andoer 135W LED bulbs review

Andoer 135W corn LED bulb

For just $20, Andoer offers 135W LED light bulbs "perfect for studio photography". Are they any good?

Sony HVL-F45RM is a radio-enabled compact flash

Sony HVL-F45RM

Sony's HVL-F45RM has a small form factor, an LED lamp and built-in radio.

New Elinchrom Deep Umbrellas offer ‘unsurpassed quality’

Elinchrom 125cm Silver Deep Umbrella

Elinchrom's 16-sided Deep Umbrellas come in white or silver and can be turned into softboxes.

Unique Photo becomes new Hensel USA distributor

Hensel team

Hensel-Visit, the German lighting manufacturer, has a new distributor in the USA.

Yet more TTL flashes: Rime Lite i.4, Falcon Eyes S-2T and Visico-5

Falcon Eyes SATEL-TWO S-2T

Rime Lite i.4 TTL, Falcon Eyes SATEL TWO S-2T and Visico-5 are all S-fit battery-powered studio flashes with TTL and HSS support.

Nissin Air10s is a cross-brand TTL trigger for Fuji, Sony, M4/3, Canon & Nikon

Nissin Air10s

The Nissin Air10s is a wireless flash controller that provides TTL and HSS support between camera brands.

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