Elinchrom adds Panasonic Lumix support to Skyport HS trigger

Elinchrom EL-Skyport Plus HS for Olympus

Elinchrom has released a firmware update making its Skyport Plus HS trigger compatible with Panasonic Lumix cameras.

Polaroid introduces BrightSaber, a ‘travel-sized light wand’

Polaroid BrightSaber travel

Polaroid has announced a new LED lighting wand, the BrightSaber, designed for both location and studio use.

Jinbei MSN multi-voltage studio light offers fast flash durations, HSS & TTL

Jinbei MSN 800 TTL

Jinbei's latest studio light has TTL for Canon and Nikon, and LED modelling lamp and flash durations down to 1/22,000 second.

Godox TT350S is a tiny radio-enabled master flash for Sony

Godox Thinklite TT350S

A compact flash with built-in radio, the Godox TT350S, has been announced for Sony cameras.

Olympus STF-8 is a weatherproof macro flash for Micro Four Thirds

Olympus STF-8 Macro Flash

Olympus has revealed a new close-up lighting system, claiming to be "the world's first weatherproof macro flash".

iblazr Case provides 2-in-1 battery bank and LED flash for iPhone

iblazr case for iPhone

The iblazr Case will charge and protect a smartphone, illuminate photos and videos and act as a notification light.

Manfrotto buys successful Panlight Kickstarter project, then cancels it


Backers are feeling aggrieved after Panlight, a remote-controlled pan and tilt device, reached its crowdfunding target only to be later cancelled.

Life Lite ‘will change mobile content creation forever’

Lume Cube Life Lite

The Life Lite, half the size of Lume Cube, aims to be a 'pocket-sized light for any lifestyle'.

Strobius StrobiStrip speedlight stripbox review

Strobius StrobiStrip. Picture: Michael Sewell

Michael Sewell tests the StrobiStrip 50 and StrobiStrip 100, two stripbox modifiers for speedlights. Are they any good?

Mcoplus Flash Cube is ‘iPhone-sized’ portable studio flash

Mcoplus MT-300 Flash Cube

The Mcoplus MT-300 Flash Cube is an ultra-compact, powerful TTL studio flash that can run on AA batteries.

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