Impossible Instant Lab – print your pictures on Polaroid paper


The Impossible Lab is a Polaroid printer for iPhone photographs — but is it any good?

YongNuo announces RF605 Transceiver with grouping

Yongnuo RF-605C Transceiver

The new Yongnuo RF-605C adds group functionality to the company's popular low-priced 2.4GHz triggering system.

VSCO Film review


VSCO Film presets are designed to replicate "analogue" looks while fitting into your existing digital workflow. Are they any good?

Westcott to bring flexible LED panels to US & Australia

Westcott Flex

Westcott is distributing the Flex, a bendable, water-resistant LED panel designed for stills and video lighting.

PocketWizard offers UK cashback on TTL triggers this autumn

PocketWizard ControlTL system: FlexTT5, MiniTT1 and AC3 ZoneController

Looking for some new flash triggers? Get up to £100 UK cashback on the PocketWizard ControlTL system.

Bowens adds ‘affordable’ flash heads for Creo system

Bowens Creo Light Stick

Bowens has announced a range of new special effects flash heads for the Creo generator system.

Fotodiox FlapJacks are pancake-shaped LED lights

Fotodiox Flapjack

Fotodiox have announced a new series of ultra-thin LED panels for photography and video lighting.

Steam-punk your hotshoe with the Chrononaut Cube


Think your camera looks a bit too 20th or 21st century? Try this unique accessory.

Special savings: half off an online creative portraits class

Creative portraits

Sponsored: Enjoy half off the online Craftsy class 'Behind the Scenes of a Creative Portrait Shoot' when you sign up now.

Dynalite Baja battery monolight is “a better portable flash solution”

Dynalite Baja

Dynalite has released a new 400Ws portable wireless flash called the Baja B4, featuring a lithium-ion battery and 2.4GHz triggering.

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