Godox to unveil TT685C radio flash and X1 TTL trigger

Godox TT685C

The Godox TT685C will be an E-TTL flash with a built-in radio, compatible with the X1 wireless TTL trigger.

Vello FreeWave Aviator is a big-screened TTL trigger

Vello FreeWave Aviator

The Vello Aviator gives you control of 3 groups of Canon E-TTL or Nikon i-TTL flashes at ranges up to 300 feet.

Nissin i40 for Fujifilm flash review

Nissin i40 on Fujifilm X-E2

The Nissin i40 is "a featherweight that punches way above its weight class". But does Fujifilm's flash system hold it back?

Mcoplus diving LED panel takes lighting to new depths

Mcoplus Diving Video LED Light

A new underwater LED panel will light up your photos and videos at depths down to 40 metres.

Photodynamic Angle Light shoots around corners in small studios

Photodynamic Angle Light

Photodynamic has unveiled a new studio light, Angle Light, featuring a tilting, swivelling, articulated flash head.

Cactus official online store launched with special discounts

Cactus Store Preview

Cactus has announced a new online store, with some introductory (and exclusive) discounts.

Metz flash units to be made in Germany, not China, in ‘quality strategy’

Gerd Betz and Lauri Jouhki

The new owners of Metz will continue to make flash units in Germany, cancelling earlier plans to move production to the Far East.

Joe McNally explains TTL, lighting ratios and HSS

Joe McNally explains TTL

Profoto has produced a series of videos explaining the benefits and applications of TTL, lighting ratios and high-speed sync.

Pixapro 60cm collapsible portable white beauty dish review

Pixapro 60cm collapsible beauty dish example photo

This folding modifier from Pixapro promises all the benefits of a beauty dish, without the size and weight. Could it be true?

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