LumoPro LP605M convertible light stand/monopod review

LumoPro LP605M fluid chamber

The LumoPro LP605M is a dual-use support accessory designed to work as either a light stand or a camera monopod. Is it any good?

Dynalite Baja B6 battery flash introduced

Dynalite Baja B6

The new Dynalite Baja B6 is a powerful monolight with a built-in battery, support for remote control and HSS.

Godox Witstro AR400 ring flash review


The Godox Witstro AR400 is a portable battery flash designed to provide the full ringflash look. Is it any good?

Godox announces the Witstro AD360II-C TTL 2.4GHz flash


The Godox Witstro AD360II-C bare-bulb flash, with E-TTL for Canon and radio i-TTL for Nikon, has been announced.

Phottix Laso TTL trigger for Canon officially announced

Phottix Laso Receiver

Phottix has officially unveiled the Laso TTL trigger, a 2.4GHz transmitter and hotshoe receiver compatible with Canon's RT system.

Interfit Photographic gets new logo; to open online store

Interfit logo 2015

Interfit's redesigned web site will let you order studio gear online, then have the products shipped from your local dealer.

MagMod 2 Basic Speedlite Modifier kit review

MagMod MagGrid

The MagMod system lets you stack all kinds of light modifiers to your shoe-mount flash using strong magnets. Pretty cool, but is it any good?

At last: a hotshoe adapter for the Nikon 1 system

V2-F1A generic flash adapter for Nikon 1 V1, V2 and V3.

The V2-F1A adapter allows photographers to mount hotshoe flashguns and radio triggers to the Nikon 1 V1, V2 & V3.

Exalux exhibits Briks LED system with new Splitter

exalux splitter

Now you can control multiple arrays from a single controller with the Exalux Briks LED system.

Striptube review: a German alternative to the Saberstrip


The Striptube is a cylindrical light modifier that turns your flashgun into a striplight. Is it any good?