Magneflash A-Lux V2000 moisture-proof LED monolights ‘work anywhere’

Magneflash A-Lux Video Mono V2000

Magneflash has released the V2000 Video Mono and Videoplus, two UK-made, sub-£100 LED lamps designed for stills and video lighting.

Voeloon 810-RT is a TTL trigger with LCD controls and AF-assist

Voeloon 810-RT

A new wireless remote, the Voeloon 810-RT, promises to build all the features a flash photographer needs into one device.

Broncolor Siros 400 S / 800 S WiFi-controlled monolights review

Broncolor Siros 400 S

Swiss-made monolights with built-in radio and WiFi control, at a price lower than you'd expect. But are they any good?

Nissin i40 for Micro Four Thirds review

Nissin i40 on Panasonic GX7

The Nissin i40 is a flash promising lots of features and power in a small form factor. Is it any good?

The Bridal Tide – trends in wedding photography style

Picture: Michael Sewell

Are clients' tastes shifting as brides seek to have the most unique images? Wedding photographer Michael A. Sewell explores the trend.

Nissin Di700 Air and Air Commander: new wireless flash system on the way?

Nissin Di700

Flash-maker Nissin is thought to be working on a flash called the Di700 Air and a device called the Air Commander.

Adorama now sells Li-ion camera flashguns with high-speed sync

Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion

The Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion (a rebranded Godox Ving) is a lithium-powered flashgun available in manual and Canon/Nikon TTL variants.

Nissin issues USA warranty warning over ‘grey-market’ products

Nissin grey marketing notice

Minox, the Nissin USA distributor, has advised customers how to check their products are eligible for servicing and warranty support.

Jinbei HD-II 600 review — a seriously powerful HSS flash

Jinbei HDII-600

The Jinbei HD-II 600 is a powerful, full-sized studio light with a built-in battery pack. Is it any good?

Eliminate phone photo shadows with the Photojojo Smartphone Ring Light

Photojojo Smartphone Ring Light

Glam up your mobile photography with this bi-colour LED Ring Light for cameraphones.

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