Phottix Atlas vs. PocketWizard review

Phottix Atlas compared to PocketWizard Plus II and MultiMAX

Picture by Charles Verghese

Dubai photographer Charles Verghese is publishing a three part review of Phottix‘s 2.4 GHz 433 MHz Atlas flash trigger, including a comparison to the PocketWizard Plus II & MultiMAX.

I review the newly (well actually, not yet) released Phottix Atlas and give it a head-to-head with the PocketWizard Plus II. This post will be about the my introduction to the Atlas and how I came to acquire it. The second post will be about the features and direct comparison of the Atlas to it’s direct competitor, the PocketWizard Plus II. This post will also contain a quick short range wireless trigger test. I hope to then conclude with part three (coming soon) with a long range test and a few other closing remarks.

The review has revealed an exciting new feature of the Atlas:

Trigger frequency is compatible with PocketWizard’s MiniTT1, FlexTT5, MultiMax, Plus II (& probably the original/old PocketWizards) for both sending and receiving.

UPDATE: This is because the frequency has been changed from 2.4GHz to 433MHz.

UPDATE II: Long range testing now published.

  • Kent in SD

    Let me know when you do the long range testing. That’s what I’m most interested in.

    Kent in SD

  • Huggs

    I must keep an eye out for these.

  • Mario Moschel

    I ordered two Atlas triggers and tested them shortly: Yes, they do work perfectly with the Pocket Wizard Plus II and with Sekonic’s L358, too (EU version).

    But in Charles’ review, he wrote about the Atlas to have four channels A-D and a “all channels” switch, but this I cannot confirm. My Atlas only has four single channels, no “all”possibility.

    Or did I miss something?


  • 2 weeks ago buy 6 Phottix Atlas for future work and the tests are very satisfactory. They are a cheaper version of the PocketWizard and so far as effective.

    Congratulations on a job well done in this blog.

    Best Regards

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