Pixel King II “will be backwards compatible”

Pixel Enterprise Ltd have confirmed that their upcoming King II wireless TTL trigger will be backwards compatible with the original King with “full” functionality.

In a meeting with Lighting Rumours, company spokeswoman Gloria Cheung revealed that a King II transmitter (pictured below) will be able to control King II and King I receivers in exactly the same way, meaning that any existing King users wanting to upgrade will only need a new transmitter unit. It is possible, therefore, that the transmitters will be able to be bought individually so that any such customers can save money on buying a whole kit.

The King II system will allow photographers to control three separate groups of off-camera flashguns in TTL or manual mode, changing their respective settings remotely from the camera position via an LCD control panel mounted on the hotshoe. The device is intended to save the user time walking to and from flashes to adjust them and makes it easier to control units that are otherwise out of reach, for example placed at a height or inside a softbox. Similar rival systems include the Phottix Odin and Rikon Dazzne Kody.

Users of the original King have already been able to benefit from these features — so long as their camera brand is Canon — through in-camera flash control menus, but the King II will introduce a dedicated interface on the device itself, opening such control up to Nikon (and possibly Sony) users.

For more information on King II features and specifications, read our earlier article.

Pixel King II: excerpt from Pixel Enterprise's Photokina 2012 catalogue

Unfortunately pricing and release dates have yet to be announced, but watch this space.

  • iphoto27

    Does the transmitter has a built in AF Assist Beam like the original?

    Can it be used has just like a regular wireless radio trigger?

  • Cher Ping

    thank goodness! Given the triggers I’ve invested in, this is welcome news indeed!

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