Portable power guide


If you want to use studio lights without access to AC power, there are many solutions from which to choose. While various DIY projects are possible, you can buy all of the items featured in this list off the shelf. Some are compact, some are cheap and some are both. Specifications posted are from the manufacturers where available, but that does not mean they are accurate. Prices and availability vary by region and over time, so check with your retailer.

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AC Battery Pack DC Monolight DC Pack and Head
Budget Budget Budget
Alien Bees Vagabond
Godox Leadpower
Hobo Lighting Battery Pack
Innovatronix Explorer
Innovatronix XT3 & Mini
Visico Creator
Adorama Flashpoint M series
Britek PS
Calumet Genesis 300B
CononMark DD
CononMark DL
Electra smartFLASH
Dynalite Jackrabbitpack
Interfit Stellar Xtreme
JTL Mobilight
Photogenic StudioMax III
Quantuum R+ Dual Power
SP Studio Systems Lancerlight
Strobeam EID
U2 Photon
Boling BL series
Fomei Panther
Godox CD series
Godox EX series
Golden Eagle Wind
Jinbei Discovery
Jinbei Freelander
Jinbei Rechargeable Digital
Lencarta Safari
Pixco PF
Walimex PBS
Mid-range Mid-range Mid-range
Dynalite Portable AC
Fomei Power Star
Hensel Visit MPG
Richter Powermate
Bowens Travelpak
Multiblitz Profilux Plus
Priolite MB
Quantum Qflash
Comet LB-400
Comet PMT-1200
Norman Battery Portable
Elinchrom Ranger Quadra
Elinchrom Ranger RX
Lumedyne Action Pack
Lumedyne Next Generation
Lumedyne Signature Basic
Lumedyne Signature Deluxe
Speedotron Explorer
How much?! How much?! How much?!
Elektrona FlashFeeder
LibertyPak Genny
Profoto BatPac
Bron Powerbox Balcar B series
Bowens Explorer
Comet CBm-1200
Broncolor Mobil
Broncolor Verso w/ Power Dock
Hensel Porty
Hensel Porty Lithium
Profoto AcuteB
Profoto Pro-B

AC Battery Pack


Alien Bees Vagabond

Model Vagabond II Vagabond Mini Lithium  
Input 100-260V 100-260V Alien Bees Vagabond II
Output 110V only 110V / 230V
Capacity 20Ah 8.8Ah
Max Ws 2600
Type SLA Lithium
Outputs 1 2
Weight 8.4kg 1.59kg
Size, mm 260x216x152 290x109x69
Price US$300
Retailers Paul C. Buff (USA) - Paul C. Buff (AU) - Paul C. Buff (UK)

Godox Leadpower

Model LP-750  
Input 100-240V
Godox Leadpower LP-750, aka Walimex Power Station FX
Output 110 / 220V
Capacity 9 Ah
Max Ws 1000
Type Ni-Mh
Outputs 3
Weight 5.6kg
Size, mm 250x230x300
Price €625 / £650
Aliases Quantuum Leadpower, Walimex Power Station FX, Fomei Panther Pro
Retailers Foto-Tip (PL) - Foto-Walser (DE) - Elemental (UK) - eBay

Hobo Lighting Battery Pack

Model Studio Strobe Battery Pack VAPOURWARE
Input 100-260V Hobo Lighting Studio Strobe Battery Pack
See this story: CotswoldPhoto introduces Hobo Lighting Battery Pack
Output 240V only
Capacity 20Ah
Max Ws 600
Outputs 2
Weight 7kg
Size, mm
Price £199
Retailers CotswoldPhoto

Innovatronix Tronix Explorer

Model 1200 XT (SE)  
Input 100-240V 100-240V Tronix Explorer XT
Output 115 / 230V 115 / 230V
Capacity 12Ah 14Ah
Max Ws 1200 2400
Outputs 2 2
Weight 7kg 8.2kg
Size, mm 350x140x180 370x140x180
Price $324
Retailers Innovatronix (PH) - Other international dealers

Innovatronix Tronix Explorer (3rd Generation)

Model XT3 Mini  
Input 100-240V
Innovatronix Tronix Explorer XT3
Output 115 / 230V 115 / 230V
Capacity 9 Ah 9 Ah
Max Ws 3200 1200
Outputs 2 2
Weight 10.5kg 4kg
Size, mm 150x200x370 80x190x250
Price US$590 US$349
Retailers Innovatronix (PH) - Other international dealers

Visico Creator

Model CR-3200  
Input 100-240V
Visico CR-3200, aka Walimex Power Station
Output 110 / 220V
Capacity 15 Ah
Max Ws
Type SLA
Outputs 2
Weight 14kg
Size, mm 300x180x210
Price €650
Aliases Walimex Power Station
Retailers Foto Walser (DE)


Dynalite Portable AC

Model XP1100  
Input 100-240V Dynalite Portable AC XP1100
Output 110V only
Max Ws 1000
Type AGM
Outputs 1
Weight 10.43kg
Size, mm 171x171x311
Price $1300
Retailers Buy one from Adorama or B&H, or find a Dynalite dealer (USA/CAN)

Fomei Power Star

Model Power Star - 1 Power Star - 2  
Input 12 / 220V 12 / 220V Fomei Power Star - 2
Output 220V 220V
Capacity 12Ah
Max Ws 2400 2400
Type SLA
Outputs 2 2
Weight 7kg 8.2kg
Size, mm 395x147x187 335x125x185
Price Discontinued? €764
Retailers Find a Fomei dealer - Photomart (UK)

Hensel Visit MPG

Model Visit MPG 1500  
Input 110-240V, 12V Hensel Visit MPG 1500
Output 110 / 230V
Max Ws 1000Ws
Type Lead gel
Outputs 2
Weight 8.6kg
Size, mm 230x135x325
Price €1226
Retailers Adorama, B&H or a Hensel dealer near you

Richter Powermate

Model Powermate-I  
Input 220-240V, 10/24V Richter Powermate-I
Output 110 / 230V
Max Ws 6000Ws
Outputs 1
Weight 17.2kg
Size, mm 400x150x330
Price €1250
Retailers Genius Versand (DE) - Studio Express (DE) - Richter Studio (DE)

How much?!

Elektrona FlashFeeder

Model Compact  
Input 100-240V Elektrona FlashFeeder Compact
Output 100 / 110 / 230V
Capacity 7.2Ah
Max Ws 3200
Type SLA
Outputs 1
Weight 13.6kg
Size, mm 194x305x270
Price £1350
Retailers The Flash Centre (UK) - StudioFlash (BE) - Find an Elektrona dealer

Profoto BatPac

Model BatPac  
Input Multivoltage Profoto BatPac
Output 120 / 230V
Capacity 17Ah
Max Ws 2400
Type SLA
Outputs 2
Weight 11.2kg
Size, mm 250x260x350
Price JPY180,000
Retailers Adorama (US) - B&H (US) - Find a Profoto dealer

LibertyPak Genny

Model Little Genny
Big Genny
Input 24VDC 24VDC LibertyPak Little Genny LG400
Output 117VAC, 24VDC 117V AC, 24V DC
Capacity 320Wh 960Wh
Max Ws 600 1100
Type Li-ion Li-ion
Outputs 2 2
Weight 7.7kg 15.4kg
Size, mm 381x254x152 559x357x229
Price $2995 Rental?
Retailers B&H or a LibertyPak dealer near you (USA/CAN)

DC Monolight Systems


Adorama Flashpoint M series

Model 320M 620M  
Power,Ws 150 300 Adorama Flashpoint II M Power Pack
GN, m 36 59
Recycle, AC/DC 1 / 1.5s 1 / 1.5s
Steps stepless stepless
Minimum 1/16 1/32
Modelling 100W 150W
Flashes 400 180
Mount Bowens Bowens
Outputs 2 2
Weight 1kg 1kg
Size, mm 195x165x65 195x165x65
Price $200 $290
Aliases Similar to Quantuum R+ Dual Power
Retailers Adorama (USA)

Britek PS

Model PS-200B  
Power,Ws 150Ws Britek PS-200 AC/DC
GN, m 46
Recycle, AC/DC 1 / ~5s
Steps 1 stop
Minimum 1/2
Modelling 60W
Flashes 100
Mount Britek PS
Pack AAs or HV pack
Outputs N/A
Weight 850g
Size, mm 280x170x140
Price US$100
Retailers Linco Inc. (USA) - cheaplights on Amazon (USA)

Calumet Genesis B

Model 300B  
Power,Ws 300
GN, m  
Recycle, AC/DC 3 / 7s
Steps stepless
Flashes 200
Mount Elinchrom
Pack PowerPort
Outputs 1
Size, mm  
Price £330
Retailers Calumet UK - Calumet USA

CononMark DD

Model DD400S  
Power,Ws 400Ws CononMark DD400
GN, m 56
Recycle, AC/DC -/3.2s
Minimum 1/64
Modelling 35W
Flashes 1300
Mount Comet
Pack 12V SLA
Outputs N/A
Weight 1.4kg
Size, mm 105x105x240
Price TBA
Retailers No known resellers.

CononMark DL series

Model DLCD 2.0 FlashPro DL4  
Power,Ws 200 320 400 CononMark DLCD 2.0
GN, m 54 72 56
Recycle, DC 3.0s 2.5s 1.8s
Steps 1/3 1/3 1 step
Minimum 1/64 1/64 1/64
Modelling None None 35W
Flashes 500 800 650
Mount Speedlight Speedlight Comet
Pack DL2 - DL4
Outputs 2 2 2
Weight 0.78kg 0.5kg 0.695kg
Size, mm 120x85x50 43x155x102
Price US$300
AU$695 £650
Aliases Strobeam DL - iShoot Shining - FlashPro DLCD - Phottix PPL - Photoflex TritonFlash - Impact LiteTrek
Retailers Adorama (US) - B&H (US) - Dragon Image (AU) - Photoloving (HK) - Viewfinder Photography (UK)

Dynalite Jackrabbitpack

Model UNI400-JR
Power,Ws 400 Dynalite Jackrabbitpack II
GN, m N/K
Recycle, AC/DC 1.5 / 4s
Steps 1/3
Minimum 1/8
Modelling 100W
Flashes 150
Mount Dynalite Uni
Pack Jackrabbitpack II
Outputs 2
Weight 0.86kg
Size, mm 95x133x54
Price $955
Retailers Buy one from Adorama or B&H, or find a Dynalite dealer (USA/CAN)

Electra smartFLASH

Model SF150 SF200 SF250  
Power,Ws 150 200 250 Electra smartFLASH
GN, m      
Recycle 2.0s 2.4s 3.0s
Minimum 1/8 1/8 1/8
Flashes     150
Mount Electra SM Electra SM Electra SM
Model SM100 SM100 SM100
Outputs 1 1 1
Size, mm  
Price €235
Retailers Benel (NL) - Ekaslip (TH) - ElectraFlash (MY) - Photomart (UK)

Interfit Stellar Xtreme

Model 150 300  
Power,Ws 150 300 Interfit Stellar Xtreme
GN, m 39 55
Recycle, AC/DC 1.5 / 10s 1.5 / 10s
Steps 1/10 1/10
Minimum 1/16 1/16
Modelling 150W 150W
Flashes 100 100
Mount Bowens Bowens
Pack INT470 INT470
Outputs 1 1
Size, mm  
Price £250
Retailers Buy a set from Adorama or B&H, or find an Interfit dealer near you

JTL Mobilight

Model 301 401 DC-600 DC-1000  
Power,Ws 300 400 600 1000 JTL Mobilight 301
GN, m 50 54