Rumour: Phottix Odin II to combine Nikon & Canon flash systems

According to one of Phottix’s European distributors, the next generation of Phottix Odin TTL flash trigger (Phottix Odin II?) may allow you to control Nikon flashes from Canon cameras and Canon flashes from Nikon cameras, adjusting power levels in manual mode.

If true, photographers would no longer need to take flash system into account when choosing or switching camera brand, since they would be able to use their favourite combination of cameras and flash units, e.g. a Canon EOS 5D Mark III with their Nikon Speedlight SB-910s.

Phottix CEO Steven Peer told Lighting Rumours: “We have a lot of products in development and won’t comment on any rumours other than to say exciting times are ahead.”

The original Phottix Odin is available for Nikon, Canon and Sony from the Phottix Store, Adorama and other dealers.

  • JohnG

    E-TTL to I-TTL and vice versa ?

  • Carlos Echenique

    Any hope the Sony version will be updated for the new ISO hotshoe?

  • any news on pentax support?

  • e-tarugo

    oil and water don’t mix

    • Angel One

      Sure they do.

      Yongnuo was the first company that you can buy one flash and use it on Canon.
      And do wireless ETTL or ITTL from just one purchased.
      It will even work from just simply point & shoot camera to get wireless flash.

  • coalminer

    I’d like to see an assist beam in the odin 2

  • Class A

    Does mixing Canon and Nikon flashes work now with the Odin?

    Will you have a chance to look at the Cactus V6 soon?
    I wonder how it stacks up against the Odin.
    The V6 does not support any TTL via radio (only pass-through on camera) but it may have other advantages, such as being brand-agnostic (all sorts of flashes for the Canon, Nikon, and Pentax flash systems are supported), four groups, light metering?, simultaneous power change?

    I personally cannot use the Odin on my camera, but I have buddies shooting Canon that wonder about Odin vs V6.

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