Triopo TR120 announced — a bare bulb flash with TTL

The newly announced Triopo TR120 can be seen as a bare-bulb flash on a budget.

Triopo TR-120

The trend for 2013 seems to be bare-bulb flashes. The last few months there was a lot of news regarding these flashes, varying from tutorials how to make your own, to professional ones with an included battery pack. Recently a new flash has been announced that fits right in the middle of this range.

Triopo TR-120

Chinese manufacturer Triopo just released the Triopo TR120. The flash will be released in two different versions, that will feature TTL for either Nikon or Canon.  Similar to the now-discontinued Sunpak 120J, this flash can be powered by either the battery pack or a set of four AA batteries. The Triopo TR120 can be seen as a bare-bulb flash on a budget — at approximately HKD1100 or USD 150 for the device, it doesn’t break the bank. For USD 280 you can buy a set including the optional battery pack.

Triopo TR-120 kit

Currently there is no information available regarding availability outside China. However for the price it might be worth it to keep an eye on it.


  • TTL mode, Manual mode, Multi Mode, and S1/S2 mode.
  • With Large Guide Number [email protected] ISO100, 105mm
  • Multiple Trigger by hot shoe, flash command slave mode, optical S1 and S2
  • PC Synchronous Interface
  • External Power Supported

Suitable for:

Canon EOS, Nikon D-Series

Triopo TR-120

Source: Haodua

  • alvin

    mmh.. I’d say that logo reminds me of something…hehe..

  • Ranger 9

    Nice try at cashing in on a trend, but they’re not really thinking about design: they just stuck a socketed flashtube onto a generic DC-flash body.

    The point of a “bare” tube is that it fills modifiers more efficiently than a tube that’s buried behind a reflector and fresnel lens. In other words, this type of flash is designed for use with modifiers. So, when you fit a modifier, what’s going to happen to the head’s bounce/swivel mechanism? Right, it’s going to flop over. And how much stress will be placed on the flash’s mounting foot? Right, a lot.

    I like the idea of DC-flash power levels and portability (and reasonable price) with a bare tube, but someone needs to do a complete rethink on the packaging. Something more like a scaled-down studio flash — with a rigidly attached accessory fitting and a stand mount — would make more sense.

    • mooboy

      Kind of agree, but there are lots of generic speedlight to modifer adaptors that just place flashhead in middle of speedring – mostly bowens. Cheetah have a nice but expensive one.

      I really like this can be powered by AAs, but wish they had a cheaper no ttl version.

      Still, this has much more interest for me than the godox or jinbei’s. Just hope the quality is there. At this price, a bit doubtful. But yeah, a monobloc design with built in bowens would be better. I recall someone did to terrible reviews.

    • Kuv

      There are tons of speedlight-friendly modifiers out there that put no stress on the flash head. The Westcott Apolo softboxes, the Lasolite Softlighter or just plain umbrellas to name a few.

      This is great! We finally have a sub-$300 (sub-$200 even!) AA bare-bulb flash.

  • John M

    More stolen design technology. Do they actually invent anything?

  • how many watts and does the TTL include 2nd curtain or HSS? Those are the things that I want at about 200 Ws at 200 bucks…

  • Tim

    Even the Chinese name is BMW in reverse

  • Thanks for the tip!