Westcott 7 foot parabolic umbrellas

Westcott is now offering parabolic lighting umbrellas from US$99.90.

Westcott 7 foot Silver/Black parabolic umbrella

Westcott 7 foot Silver/Black parabolic umbrella

Westcott is now also offering parabolic umbrellas. Size is said to be 7 foot (2.13 meters) coming in 3 flavors:

  • Diffusion (translucent)
  • White/Black (white bounce)
  • Silver/Black (silver bounce)

The Westcott parabolic umbrellas can be yours for US$99.90 (introductory price) but there is no word yet on availability and price in Europe. You can find more details at Westcott’s blog.

Eduardo Frances
Based in Spain, Eduardo Frances is a professional photographer specialized in portrait, fashion and advertising photography. You can check out his work in his website: www.eduardofrances.com
  • Sam

    The blog says 7mm tip, I’m guessing that means it’s Elinchrom compatible?

  • PaulBT

    A Shoot through Parabolic! And the point is?

    7mm tip! the whole shaft, or can you only put the tip into an Elinchrom light?

  • David Freedman

    It appears this umbrella is NOT compatible with Elinchrom lights. I’ve had several conversations with Westcott regarding this issue. Incredibly, Westcott does not have access to an Elinchrom light and had to rely on a dealer in Texas (I believe) to confirm what I suspected: The shaft of the 7′ umbrella will not fit in an Elinchrom light’s umbrella tube.

  • Eduardo Frances

    @Sam: As David said it seems it won´t be compatible with Elinchrom´s umbrella tube.

    @PaulBT: The bigger the light source the softer the light, for those who can´t afford a big octabox or softbox this could be a nice solution.

    It doesn´t seem it will be compatible with Elinchrom´s units.

    • PaulBT

      @Eduardo: I understand about a bigger light source. But you can use a normal large brolly to do this. The whole concept of a parabolic umbrella is to focus the light and only works when used as a reflective umbrella. This makes no difference when used as a shoot through and defeats paying more for a parabolic umbrella.

      • Eduardo Frances

        Keep in mind that there aren´t many 7 foot 8 ribs umbrellas available from other vendors 🙂

  • Any idea when the umbrellas are available from retailers in the UK?

  • Andy Schulz

    Even if its 8 mm shaft size, with 7 Foot you could use the normal umbrella holding on the elinchrom lights, at this size it doesnt matter in my opinion if its not totally in the center?