• Kay O. Sweaver

    Now we’re talking, this is the first flash from Yongnuo that can do it all. I’ll definitely consider this as I’m really happy with my YN565 but miss the master feature and HSS.

    • http://www.facebook.com/andy.schulz.90813 Andy Schulz

      external power source and it make sense!

  • Mike Ross

    Still missing a port for external power supply. Considering Yongnuo makes the SF-18, why wouldn’t they want to include the port?

  • Gareth O’Neill

    Seems like they missed the boat when they didn’t include radio.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.wroblewski.3110 John Wroblewski

    Oh please get them to include an external power port on this one!!! It’s the only reason I didn’t buy a bunch of the 568 mk1’s!

  • Dr. Richard Kimble

    With no press release, and no word despite direct questions about this flash to Yongnuo, I’m going to raise the B.S. flag on this rumor. At best, I suspect they were floating a trial balloon to see what the market might think. I hope I’m wrong

    • http://www.lightingrumours.com/ David A. Selby

      Don’t worry. You were. :)

  • leitwolffilm

    Does anybody know a US store that sells the YN568 II (for Canon)?
    All I found were ebay and amazon sellers from China. Does anybody have experience with taxes when you buy from a chinese reseller?

  • Armin

    Any idea when the 568 II for NIkon will be released?

  • Brickguy

    What does it mean that no radio triggers are included?

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