Yongnuo cuts the cord on Nikon MC-36 clone

Yongnuo MC-36R

Picture by Yongnuo

While there are plenty of knock-offs of the Nikon MC-36 intervalometer out there, they are all wired, like the original. Yongnuo have made a wireless 2.4GHz version called the Yongnuo MC-36R. The device allows you to remotely trip your camera’s shutter with intervals, self-timer delays or exposure times of up to 100 hours.

There are versions for every major brand of camera and they are available on eBay for around £45.

UPDATE: Pixel have a similar (but different) product out, the TW-282, which has both wired and wireless function. Find it on eBay for a similar price here.

  • Marcos

    Hi. Is possible to have only one receiver and two cables for different cameras? In which one? for both?
    Thank you

  • Harvey

    I would stay away from these wireless units from Yongnuo. they have electronic problems and the manufacture will not stand behind them.

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