• JackAllTog

    This looks very good to :-) was the 460 just a GN of 38?

    Guide number: 58 at ISO100, 105MM
    New Charging socket for external power pack

  • Paul H.

    The 560 II looks like a real winner. Having used the version I flashes for awhile now, I’d say these manual flashes are a strobist’s dream (on half power or lower). Priced so low too…

  • did

    GN is normally with zooming head at 35mm and not at 105mm!!!
    It is completly false to compare the GN done by Nikon or by yongnuo, be careful!

  • vertigo

    When you say for on and off camera, does that means it supports commander mode? What cheap flash supports iTTL and commander mode so it can be fired wirelessly?

    • David A. Selby

      It can be slave to a commander, but it can’t be a commander itself.

  • http://www.jsvfoto.com jsvfoto

    YN560 II’s are a good alt for the sb-80dx and the YN468 II are a good alt for the SB600. While many deride YN, the truth is for the price of one Nikon you can get 2 YN’s.

    These look very promising. I’m going to get some YN560 II’s and 1 YN468 II.

    According to YN the YN468 II uses a laser for AF assist. That’s pretty impressive considering the price point.

  • Dakelsy

    I just bought the 560ii on advice from a friend, and must say after only a few days and lots of shots learning the flash it is a good product for even better price.

    No disappointments.

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