• Yoyo

    I hope PocketWizard will consider making the flex system work with this flash :)) I’ll buy a few of them if this happens.

  • matso

    this brand is total crap, two of the three that I’ve bought stopped working after 3 month…

    • martin

      why did you buy 3?

  • MikeD

    So they release a Nikon flash with a Canon external power input plug? Hello….. I’m a Nikon user. I have to go buy a new Canon power pack for use with this flash? Add that cost onto the flash and I may as well go buy a more reputable brand. I was initially excited when I heard about this flash months ago. Not so much anymore.

  • http://brother7.net brother7

    I wonder how well this would work for an off-camera Strobist setup.

  • louie sia

    this would be a cheap high end flash with LCD. anyway just need more batteries as reserve. will try to modify battery pack to lithium ion…..

  • Michael Sanchez

    Can I use this flash off camera and use the CLS menus in the camera to adjust its output?

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