Yongnuo YN-565EX to support Nikon CLS, Canon E-TTL “at the same time”

Yongnuo, the Chinese flash manufacturer, have unveiled details of the first product in their forthcoming EX-series of wireless flashes.

Yongnuo YN-565EX

Yongnuo YN-565EX

Yongnuo, the Chinese flash manufacturer, have unveiled details of the first product in their forthcoming EX-series of wireless flashes. Based on the same body as their current YN-560 manual flash, the YN-565EX promises the same power with the addition of automatic TTL and wireless infrared control.

According to the manufacturer, the YN-565EX will offer the following features:

  • “Simultaneous support” for Canon/Nikon wireless flash systems: controllable from Canon ST-E2, 580EX II, 7D and 60D, or Nikon SB-900/800/700, pop-up flash Commander and SU-800.
  • Wireless flash master/commander for Canon or Nikon (depending on model)
  • Guide number (GN) 58 @ ISO100, 105mm
  • TTL, Manual and Multi (stroboscopic) modes
  • Prontor/Compur (PC) synchronisation port
  • Electronic zoom range of 24-105mm. Zoom focal length can match camera lens or be selected manually.
  • 3 second recycle time
  • Metal hot shoe
  • LCD screen

There will be two models, one for Canon and one for Nikon, compatible with TTL hotshoes of each brand and capable of acting as a wireless flash commander (master). In addition, any YN-565EX will have the capability of acting as a slave for either system, so a Nikon YN-565EX will be able to receive Canon E-TTL wireless signals and vice versa.

The expected release date is “middle of April” with no details on price yet. Like all Yongnuo accessories it will eventually be available from the official eBay store with a 12 month warranty.Β For more information and product images, please visit the manufacturer’s web site.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • Mike

    Sounds great.. I’ve been a big fan of the Yongnuo line since the original YN-460, and it seems they’re really catching up to Canon with their flashes (this one even looks like more than a resemblance from the outside.. now if only they could get their quality-control kicked up a notch). I’m hoping it includes a high-voltage input for speeding up recycle times.

    My concern is the price – the YN560 was about $100.. if they can keep this at $150 it’ll be a great product. At $200, it’s getting close to the first-party pricing, but may not match in quality.

    • PaulBT

      If its based on the YN560 Body, it should have an external power socket πŸ™‚

  • The key question is Will it support FP-sync? πŸ™‚

    • buy a pc cord to hot shoe flash adapter but make sure its not like the old rowi one as that was solid alluminium annd you need plastic so as not to short out the tth contacts on the shoe base. Aparrt from that if you want fp synch then why are you looking at the 565 when the 560 is better suited and is only about 60% of the expected price. I have one that I use in conjunction with the Hasselblad when I need to shoot film as a flash fill unit. The only reason for looking at the 565 is so that I can be lazy and use it with the Nikon digitals.

      • zperlow

        Bob- FP sync HAS to be a feature built into the flash. You can’t just put your camera on auto FP and attach any ol’ flash, via hot shoe or pc cord, and assume it’s going to work.

        It would be silly not to add that feature, seeing how they have the “stroboscopic” mode, fundamentally being how FP, aka Highspeed sync, works.

        Pocketwizard’s Hyper sync is the solution for shooting at higher sync speeds and using all manual flashes. It’s just a bit of a pain to tweek it just right.

  • There will be 2 different versions of the YN565, the main difference will be the Canon version has a Canon foot, while the NIkon version mounts to Nikon bodies. Each will have appropriate master mode for controlling other TTL flashes wirelessly (possibly even both, not sure about that).

    Both Canon and Nikon YN565 models will understand Canon and Nikon TTL slave controls – so you will be able to control a Nikon YN565 with a Canon body wirelessly…

    This is my understanding from discussions with Yongnuo. Given that their STE2 is better than the Canon version it sounds believable…

    • David A. Selby

      Thanks, Leo!

  • Jed

    Can this be controlled with the 550EX?

  • Bob Villa

    when will this be available and price ?

  • tommy leong

    One day, YongNuo will come up with a flash that does all these
    PLUS built-in radio transmitter !

    That will spell the end of these original flash makers.
    As of today, they are simply ignoring the developments in radio

    Imagine not too long ago, they said radio transmitter is simply NOT feasible……

    Lets have MORE innovation.

    • Well, actually they already did that. It is named YN460RX with the 460TX transmitter.
      Nonetheless the product details sound great, especially the modeling light (which hasn’t even been mentioned in the article).

  • Mike

    Its now approaching 2nd week of May and still no news of pricing or sale of the YN-565ex. Wondering what’s happening. Anyone knows how much longer will the wait be?

  • youpii

    Too bad they don’t support Sony

  • I want it..
    but here buy it?

  • Alex Marana

    Will this be compatible with a canon t2i?

    quite newbie in flash. πŸ™‚

    • David A. Selby

      Should be.

  • Alex Marana

    I really hope so.

    Ive already pre-ordered mine.

    • carlton riffel

      where and how did you preorder it?

  • Hello i am a wedding photographer
    I need YN565EX speedlite.
    Where i bye in Karachi city.
    Based in Karachi,Pakistan

    • David A. Selby

      It is not released yet.

  • Grant

    I contacted YONGNUO yesterday asking for a release date for the YONGNUO YN565 and the reply was “Hopefully in August”.

  • rafe

    can i buy this flash on line,will they ship it to canada,and how much is it?

    • David A. Selby

      It will be released in August and it will be $180 USD.

  • rafe markoss

    is the yn-565ex released yet,if its can you till me where can i buy one from?

  • it can be (probably) bought from one of the official webshops of yongnuo already: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=12623920448
    i just cannot fully understand the chinese text on this page πŸ™‚

  • They are released now. has anyone tried it out. I looking for review from regular users too.

  • Rattler

    You get what you pay for. I will never buy another one of their products. If you are a working photographer buck up and get the real deal. I have moved over to the Quantum Trio and it is ten times the flash that any of these ever will be. Surely they could do their own imagery. This looks too ominously close to a 580 image.

  • Can you control the power of this flash, as a slave, from the body of a Nikon D700, using the wireless Nikon CLS?

    • transmission94


      I asked a man who has been able to test this and he said it was possible to control the power compensation (or whatever it’s called) from the D700 body when using commander mode. You can even control Canon mount YN565’s with the D700 body.

      Having found this out, I am buying some canon mount 565’s to use as off-camera flash with my D700 (I can’t find Nikon-mount models anywhere, I think they were supposed to be released this month, though).


  • when would they release the Nikon Series? argh!

  • The Nikon version has been released and is on sale now.

    Both Nikon & Canon versions can be controlled by Nikon or Canon master devices – you can switch between Nikon only, Canon only and both in the menu.

    We’ve tested them with cameras :
    Canon 7D, Nikon D700, Nikon D7000
    With flashes :
    SB700, SB900, 580EX, 580EXII
    With IR controllers
    Canon STE2, Yongnuo STE2, Nikon SU800
    With radio triggers
    Radio Popper Px (TTL), will work with all manual triggers too – Pocket Wizard II, Cactus V4 & V5, RF602 etc etc

    The YN 565 works flawlessly with all of the above.

    The only triggers it won’t work with is those which need TTL via the hotshoe such as Pocketwizard TT1 / TT5. This is because neither the PW or YN use exactly the same signalling as Canon & Nikon. However the Radio Popper PX system which supports eTLL & iTTL via IR works beautifully – just velcro the receiver in place so the IR port lines up with the top right of the red window on the front of the YN565.

  • pabi

    i do have yn565ex, does it works on both canon and nikon?