Yongnuo YN-568EX FP Sync-enabled flashgun now on sale for Nikon

The first Chinese speedlight to offer high speed sync capability, the YN-568EX, is now available for Nikon i-TTL cameras. You can buy it on eBay today for US$185. The flashgun will work on your camera in the hotshoe or off the camera using Nikon’s CLS Advanced Wireless Lighting system.

Yongnuo YN-568EX for Nikon

Rival company Phottix have been hot on Yongnuo’s heels with the announcement of their Mitros TTL flash, boasting not only high speed sync but also wireless commander mode and the ability to use external battery packs — both options the YN-568 lacks. However, with the Yongnuo products being on sale before the Phottix offering has made it to market, will photographers hold out for the Mitros or buy a YN flash now? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Yongnuo YN-568EX for Nikon

If piddly AA-powered speedlights do not offer enough oomph for your lighting needs, you might be interested in the CononMark Leopard AK4.0, which is about ten times more powerful and will sync up to 1/8000 second thanks to its proprietary 3G Wireless remote.

How does one tell the difference between a Nikon YN-568EX and a Canon YN-568EX? The Nikon versions have gold lettering on them, contrasting with white text on the Canon models. Otherwise they look more or less identical, so be sure you’re buying the right one. Click here for eBay listings.

  • iphoto27

    Where can you get the CononMark Leopard AK4.0 & cost for Canon?

    Nothing much from the internet on Leopard AK4.0.

    • The link in the article shows it on eBay for around US$760. Hopefully more distributors will appear soon.

  • Image Melbourne

    I wonder if these will work with ALL Nikon cameras or only some like the Canon YN568…

  • Bryan

    I wonder if it will be compatible with Phottix Odin.

  • Yongnuo

    Yes, it’s on sale now.

  • Smirkypants

    So I have read that it’s not compatible with Phottix Odins for Canon and I’ve read conflicting reports about Nikon’s Odins. Are they compatible? Did we get an answer?

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