• iphoto27

    Where can you get the CononMark Leopard AK4.0 & cost for Canon?

    Nothing much from the internet on Leopard AK4.0.

    • http://www.lightingrumours.com/ David A. Selby

      The link in the article shows it on eBay for around US$760. Hopefully more distributors will appear soon.

  • Image Melbourne

    I wonder if these will work with ALL Nikon cameras or only some like the Canon YN568…

  • Bryan

    I wonder if it will be compatible with Phottix Odin.

  • Yongnuo

    Yes, it’s on sale now.

  • Smirkypants

    So I have read that it’s not compatible with Phottix Odins for Canon and I’ve read conflicting reports about Nikon’s Odins. Are they compatible? Did we get an answer?

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