Yongnuo YN860Li flash officially announced

The Yongnuo YN860Li is an all-manual wireless flash that runs on a Li-ion battery.

Yongnuo YN860Li

Yongnuo, the Chinese lighting manufacturer, has unveiled its latest flash unit, the YN860Li. Previously rumoured in a recent product release, the Yongnuo YN860Li is an all-manual flash powered by removable lithium-ion batteries.

With a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter built in, the YN860Li can act as master for other Yongnuo YN860Li, YN560-III, YN560-IV, YN660 and YN968N flashes, letting you trigger them and adjust their power levels in up to six independent wireless groups. As a slave, the YN860Li can receive signals from these plus the YN560TX-II controller and RF-602, RF-603 (II) and RF-605 flash triggers.

Yongnuo YN860Li

Yongnuo YN860Li

The 1800 mAh battery provides recycle times of 1.5 seconds and up to 700 full power flashes from a single charge. The guide number is 60, at Iso-100 with the zoom head set to 200mm.

There is a built in optical slave, a PC sync port and a single-pin hotshoe foot for non-radio-based synchronisation. A USB port supports future firmware updates.

Yongnuo YN860Li

Yongnuo YN860Li

As this flash only supports manual power control, it can be considered the lithium-powered spiritual successor to Yongnuo’s popular YN560 and YN660 series. It is the company’s second lithium speedlight after the YN686EX-RT.

Pricing and a release date have yet to be announced. For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Would you switch from AA-powered speedlights to lithium-ion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • Louis

    Hm. FINALLY!! I’ll be selling off all my AA flashes – so pesky having to buy those batteries all the time!

    • Peter

      I’m currently using the Godox PB960 pack for my YN-560 series flashes, and it actually works really well, but having the battery inside flash is obviously more convenient.

      But I’m a bit worried because of all those proprietary batteries in all these LI flashes. I’m not sure if having to charge a hundred different batteries, traveling with a hundred different chargers, and not being able to use the same batteries in different devices any more is that much of an improvement over AA hell. I wish that manufacturers would all get together and standardize on one battery type.

      • Martin Kamín

        No chance 🙁 Same with camera batteries…

    • Joey-BagaDonuts

      Yeah, buying rechargeable AA’s and a charger is SO hard.

      And being able to buy some at a grocery store last minute…AWFUL.

      Please, give me a LI-ion battery with its own proprietary charger with no benefits! Oh thank you!

  • Sven Israel

    Could be indd that I’ll buy one. Hopefully the batteries themselves will be sold seperately also 🙂 And hopefully a barebuld flash of 200w or higher will be released also 🙂

  • Jef de Vries

    I love and used my Godox V850 and V860 for 3,5 years now. They never once failed me. So for me their is no need for this Yongnuo YN860Li. Specs are almost identical. But the newer V860 has TTL.

  • daniel_b123

    Careful… these lights have limited value, the radios are software limited & do not sync with any Yongnuo TTL flash units.

  • Van Gelis

    The problem with the YN686 lithium batteries was their rip off price and rip off price on postage on ebay. Hopefully extra batteries are affordable. Just hoping the AF assist light is excellent.

  • Van Gelis

    can I stick a yn622 under this and trigger it with a 622 on camera?

  • Van Gelis

    Also, look at this spect from the YN686.

    “The YN686EX-RT’s 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery providing over 600 full power flashes, with 1.5 second recycle time.”

    And that was released in May.

    So, 4 months later they make a battery with -200mAh and it achieves 100 more full power flashes?

  • letsGetItRight

    Why can’t they just use standard 18650 batteries!!???

  • Alexander Kartchinski

    I definitely would switch to lithium-ion. Those AA batteries are driving me insane.

  • bergstrom

    On sale on ebay from the US only it appears. The postage is a rip off, so hold off buying them until someone from HK is selling them.