Custom cover camouflages Godox AD300Pro

A new stylish protective skin for your outdoor flash.

Camouflage skin for Godox AD300Pro

Worried your flash is a bit too visible? Give it a makeover with this camouflage protective wrap, now available on eBay.

A Latvian seller of decorative skins for camera lenses has produced this patterned green cover for the Godox AD300Pro outdoor flash.

According to the listing, the wrap is “easy to apply”, measured and designed specifically for the AD300Pro, and protects the unit from minor scratches and marks. It also “makes your flash look stylish”. Camouflage green is the only available pattern, but other listings include a red camouflage cover for lenses.

Camouflage skin for Godox AD300Pro

Though the skin itself should protect the body of your flash from scuffs, the camouflage pattern appears to serve no practical purpose. Some people might reckon it looks cool, and others may disagree. (If you are genuinely using the Godox AD300Pro for wildlife photography or military purposes then feel free to share your experiences in the comments.) No claims are made about the heat resistant properties of the material, but there are cutouts for the side vents, at least.

Camouflage skin for Godox AD300Pro

It is priced at £20 including postage to Europe. Visit the eBay listing or the Pro-Skins web site for more information.

I am not aware of any other lighting gear getting this kind of treatment, except Adorama’s brightly coloured silicone skins for the eVolv 200, or these 3D-printed bumpers for the original AD200.

Update: More colours and patterns will be available, for a range of different flash models. See the comments section for details.

David Selby
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