Adorama announces Flashpoint 180 battery-powered location lighting kit

Described as "compact and ideal for on-location shooting", the Flashpoint MK-180T is a studio flash head powered by an external battery pack.

Flashpoint MK-180T

New York-based photographic retailer Adorama has announced a new portable flash lighting kit for its in-house brand. Described as “compact and ideal for on-location shooting”, the Flashpoint 180 Monolight Kit includes a 180J studio flash head powered by an external lithium ion battery pack. A 95cm white umbrella, 18cm reflector, carrying case and handle-mount are also thrown in.

Flashpoint 180 Mono Light Battery Powered

The MK-180T monolight offers adjustment down to 1/16 of full power, an LED modelling lamp, sync port and optical slave sensor. The power pack takes two standard NP-F960 (Sony-type) lithium camcorder batteries, providing enough capacity for 700 flashes at the brightest 180J setting. The MK-180T’s Bowens “S”-fit bayonet is one of the most widely-used accessory mounts in the studio lighting world, so you should have no problem finding a range of generic and branded light modifiers that are compatible with it. With an integrated tilt bracket and a removable handle, the flash head may be mounted on a light stand or held by an assistant.

Flashpoint MK-180T

The Flashpoint 180 Monolight and Battery Kit is available now for US$199.95 from Adorama, a store based in New York City that ships worldwide.

Live in Europe and don’t fancy paying for transatlantic postage? Fear not: the Flashpoint 180 is just a rebadged Falcon Eyes MK-180T, which is available under the OEM brand through official European distributor Benèl BV (NL). Kits are about €219.

David Selby
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