Adorama releases sub-$100 monolights; portable power coming soon

Adorama has released a new set of affordable studio lights called the Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolights.

Adorama Flashpoint FPBF300

Adorama has released a new set of affordable studio lights called the Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolights. They come in three output capacities: 120, 160 and 300 watt-seconds.

Prices for the heads range from $49.95 – $99.95. Or for an extra $40, they come in a kit that includes a 40-inch white/black Glow umbrella and a 6-foot Flashpoint three-section lightstand.

Adorama Flashpoint FPBF120

The new lights look to make a simple and inexpensive flash system, with very basic options and a four-stop output range. It has an aluminum housing and you have functions including a pre-flash test button, optical slave/master settings and modeling light.

Adorama claims they are for hobbyists and professional photographers. The latter? Maybe someone who needs something that can be trashed. Maybe. But for long-term, versatile, reliable usage? I’m not so sure. Especially with only a 4-stop range.

Adorama Flashpoint FPBF160

Nonetheless this should be very suitable for students, hobbyist and beginners! You can put together a 3-point lighting setup for less than three hundred dollars, even if you buy a cheap wireless trigger. You can also buy speedrings and attach softboxes and other accessories. Super simple and relatively inexpensive. Good stuff.

In addition, Adorama has revealed plans for a pure sine wave battery pack called the Flashpoint PowerStation 800, which you’ll be able to use to power all your lights when outdoors or away from mains power. Full details on the pack’s specs and pricing will be published in the near future.

For more information, visit Adorama’s web site.

Ricardo Gomez
Ricardo Gomez is a photographer based in New York City who specializes in fashion and portrait photography.
  • JL Williams

    What accessory mount do these have? $300 for a starter system isn’t such a good deal if you have to throw the whole thing away when you want to upgrade to better modifiers.

    • Leo @ Image Melbourne

      None! That and the plastic tilt bracket make these a poor choice for anyone wanting to use decent modifiers…

      • Alberto Cabrera

        There’s a Universal Mount To Bowens Mount Adapter for Smart Flash.

        These are basically re-branded lights from Godox. Cowboystudio sells them.

  • jefflivesinchicago

    interesting idea for some maybe…. but for me, used Speedotron Black line can be had for not so much money too… and it will be worth what you paid for it if you sell it later..

  • Mark Davidson

    For location shooting could be fine. An umbrella or bare reflector are the most common shooting options. Fancy boxes are a pain to transport and are rarely an advantage over an umbrella for most situations. The real question is whether it will actually fire when you need it.