Affordable high speed monolights from Mettle

Mettle have introduced a budget-priced IGBT monolight with flash durations as fast as 1/10,000 second. Promaster are selling the D400R for under $400 in the USA.

Mettle D400R

Mettle D400R

Mettle Photographic Equipment Corporation, based in Jiangsu, China, have launched two ranges of studio lights with fast flash durations. The DR and Q series both offer digital displays and flash pulses as quick as 1/10,000 second. The DR series adds a built-in radio trigger and a stroboscopic “FP” mode.

Mettle DR and Q series features

  • Fast flash durations, from 1/1000 to 1/10,000 second
  • IGBT technology
  • Continuous adjustment from full to 1/32 power
  • Digital display
  • E27 150 Watt modelling lamp
  • Recycling speed of 0.5 – 1.0 second
  • 200Ws, 300Ws and 400Ws models
  • Built-in radio trigger (DR series only)
  • Stroboscopic mode (DR series only)
  • Bowens S bayonet accessory mount

Mettle 300Q and 400Q

Where to buy

In the USA, Promaster are distributing the D200R and D400R at a retail price of $299.99 and $399.99 respectively. You can find English instruction manuals and a full list of dealers on the Promaster web site. Retailers include:

And in the rest of the world,

  • Dynaphos of Bulgaria are selling the “Speedster” (D400R) for €332 and the 400Q for €225, excluding VAT.
  • Australian seller Photo-Shop-Studio, based in Sydney, have the Mettle D400R listed at A$650.00 plus $30 postage.
  • Mikrosat of Hungary offer the D400R under the name “Basic Hyper 400R” for 99,800 HUF.

Have you tried one? Do you know of other sellers? Let us know in the comments.

David Selby
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