Aladdin U-lite is ‘world’s smallest practical light’

Powered by USB, the Aladdin U-Lite is a tiny RGB light that's easy to hide.

Aladdin U-Lite

Aladdin Lights have announced the U-lite, a USB-powered 1.2-watt RGB light. Weighing in at just 12 grams, the manufacturer says ‘it might be the smallest practical light in the world’.

You can change the colour of the U-lite by touching it, cycling through the options of blue, dark blue, purple, red, yellow, lime green and green. There are six RGB LEDs.

The diminutive light source is designed to be easy to hide away on film sets, as a practical light. There is also an optional ‘mini softbox’, not much bigger than the light itself.

Price looks to be around US$30 but it is not widely available, yet. For more information, visit the Aladdin web site.

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.