Andoer AD-980III is a radio-enabled master/slave TTL flash

Andoer has announced the AD-980IIIC for Canon and AD-980IIIN for Nikon—two flagship flashes with advanced wireless radio capabilities. Get $10 off at TomTop.

Andoer AD-980III

Chinese photography accessory maker Andoer has released its new Speedlight AD-980III, a wireless radio TTL flash for Canon and Nikon. The AD-980IIIC and AD-980IIIN, respectively, are designed to be low-priced, high-specced shoe-mount flashes.

The lights offer full TTL control, including high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second, and manual power adjustment down to 1/128 of full power, with 1/3-stop precision. Each has a guide number of 58 (Iso-100, 180mm), a 18–180mm zoom head and a 2.9-second recycle time at full power. Settings are controlled from the large backlit LCD on the rear of the flash.

Advanced optical wireless transmission is built-in, offering a claimed 50-metre range. But for maximum shot-to-shot reliability, the units offer integrated radio transmission, which also lets you change settings remotely.

Andoer AD-980III

The Andoer AD-980III Speedlights have built-in 2.4 GHz modules compatible with the full range of Triopo wireless transmission products. This means you can use them in synchronisation with the Triopo T-series TTL studio flashes and Oubao F-series HSS studio flashes, and it works with the Triopo G1 wireless TTL triggers without any additional receivers required.

Wireless radio mode supports 16 channels and three groups—A, B and C—whose power levels and operating modes can be set independently from a master AD-980IIIC/N flash on your camera, or from a Triopo G1 transmitter. If you aren’t ready to commit to the Triopo/Andoer 2.4 GHz system just yet, you can trigger these flashes as normal via their hotshoe, via PC sync port or via the simple optical slave modes.

Triopo 2.4GHz wireless transmission system

The Andoer AD-980IIIC and AD-980IIIN run on four AA batteries, but with a Canon CP-E4-style high-voltage battery pack you can speed up the recycle times and keep the flashes running for longer, on high-intensity photoshoots.

Andoer AD-980III

The Andoer AD-980III is available now from online seller TomTop.

Lighting Rumours readers can get $10 off the AD-980IIIC with coupon code LZADCL, and $10 off the AD-980IIIN with code LZJLMP, making each flash only $64 — a lot of flash for the money!

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