Aputure asks ‘Can you guess what it is yet?’ (it’s a USB Focus Controller)

What is this mysterious "coming soon" device from Aputure? ... We found out almost immediately.

Aputure product teaser

Aputure product teaser

What is this mysterious device from Aputure? The Chinese company have posted a teaser image of an upcoming photography accessory and invite you to guess what it might be. It is captioned “coming soon…”

However, a minimal amount of detective work (visiting Aputure’s product catalogue) reveals it’s the “V-Control USB Focus Controller” shown below. It forms part of their “Vivo Movie Solution” range of filmography gear.

Aputure V-Control USB Focus Controller

You can’t click through for a full description yet, but we are promised that the device offers “total exposure and live view control”.

Update: Now available in Europe for €199 from Lovinpix (France).

David Selby
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