Aputure Trigmaster Plus available in Europe

Aputure's Trigmaster Plus flash triggering system is now available for €100-110 in Germany and Italy.

Aputure Trigmaster Plus transceiver
Picture by Aputure

Foto-Walser – a German photographic supplier and the company behind Walimex – is now stocking the Aputure Trigmaster Plus wireless transceiver system.

Trigmaster Plus “Transceiver All-in-One” is a combined flash trigger and shutter release with a design not dissimilar to that of PocketWizards and Phottix Atlases. Capable of triggering over 100 metres, and compatible with remote cameras, speedlights or studio flashes, the Trigmaster Plus system features “Interlink” technology to allow simultaneous flash and camera triggering. You can find more detailed specifications on the manufacturer’s product page.

From Foto-Walser a single transceiver costs €99.99, including shutter release cables for your respective camera model. NB that you will need at least two for a complete system, and they are not compatible with other brand triggers nor the original Trigmaster series.

The Trigmaster Plus is also being offered for €119 + P&P from an Italian eBay store.

David Selby
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