Aputure update flash trigger to Trigmaster II 2.4G

The Trigmaster 2.4G wireless remote has been improved with longer range, AAA batteries and support for high voltage flashes.

Aputure Trigmaster II 2.4G

The Trigmaster 2.4G wireless flash trigger from Aputure has been upgraded. The new model, the Trigmaster II 2.4G, adds improvements that solve some of the issues picked up in our Trigmaster 2.4G product review.

Aputure Trigmaster II 2.4G

Changes include:

  • Increased operating range, from 100 to 120 metres
  • The transmitter now runs on AAA batteries, which are more convenient to source and last longer
  • The “delay” button on the transmitter has been replaced with an “off” position
  • The receivers can now safely be connected with high voltage flashes
  • Now compatible with Pentax cameras and flashes
  • There is a new i-ISO model for use with non-standard Sony/Minolta hotshoes

Other features are unchanged, with light triggering, remote shutter release and flash wake-up functions as standard. Read our previous product review for an impression of the old Trigmaster 2.4G.

Fitting into the Trigmaster family, the Trigmaster II is backwards compatible with the original Trigmaster 2.4G and cross-compatible with the more advanced Trigmaster Plus 2.4G. This fits a growing trend for Chinese manufacturers – such as Phottix and Pixel – to recognise their existing customer base.

Bonus feature: Had enough of unwanted flash leakage? Fear not, the Trigmaster II promises “no flash leakage within 80 meters”.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s product page or watch the following promotional video.

Where to buy

Aputure products are widely sold online. The existing Trigmaster 2.4G kit price is just under US$30. Click here for listings, or visit the company web site for a list of distributors.

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