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Hobo Merlin 300 studio flash review

There are a lot of affordable monolight options out there, but if, like many photographers, you also want wireless remote control of your flash, the cost ramps up quickly. We evaluate the £170 Hobo Merlin 300Ws remote-controllable studio flash.

DIY Ring Flash adapter review

DIY Lighting Kits sent us a copy of their self-assembly Ring Flash adapter to review. How easy is it to make and use?

Aurora Portaflex Multiflector review

Korean manufacturer Aurora Lite Bank sent us one of their latest flash accessories to evaluate. The Portaflex Multiflector is a bendable 4-in-1 reflector for your speedlight.

Pixel Opas flash transceiver review

The Pixel Opas is a transceiver-based wireless flash trigger which looks similar to the popular Phottix Atlas. How does it fare in our review?

GamiLight Soft Plus and Spot 2 review

Since Malaysian manufacturer GamiLight first introduced their Square 43 softbox in April of this year, the company has followed up with a spate of other plastic origami light modifiers. These include the Spot 2 and Soft Plus, both of which were used during a recent portrait shoot.

Ojecoco H-550 – abolishing sync speeds as we know it?

When every man and his dog seems to be producing flash triggers these days – including an increasing number of transceiver-based competitors – what can this new company offer that stands out from the crowd?

Jinbei Discovery DC-600 review

After a long trip from China (thanks to the efforts of our audacious editor) we got a Jinbei Discovery DC-600 to review. How will this pack stack up against the established brands? Check our in-depth review to find out.

Hylow Speedlight Octa-Softbox kit review

Recently there has been a surge of more affordable light modifiers, and this one from China-based Hylow is a prime example of the movement.

Innovatronix Explorer Mini 230V review

The Tronix Explorer Mini is a battery inverter designed for portability. How does it fare powering our studio lights on location?

Viltrox JY-680 speedlight review

Viltrox have produced an affordable manual speedlight flash for on- and off-camera use. So is it any good?