Aurora Lite Bank to release Dante 400 TTL flash with built-in Cactus V6

The Aurora Dante 400 will be a portable studio lamp with AC/DC power and a built-in Cactus V6 TTL/HSS flash transceiver.

Aurora Lite Bank Dante 400

Korean lighting manufacturer Aurora Lite Bank is set to launch a new battery-powered studio light. The Dante 400 is a self-contained flash head featuring “TTL, HSS and Power sync”, set for official announcement at the upcoming Photokina trade show.

The monolight will have a “long battery life… ideal for outdoor shooting” as well as an AC power option. The removable battery fits into the base of the head and it looks like the mains adapter will go in the same slot, similar to the approach that the Jinbei HD-610, Godox Witstro AD600 Pro and others take to supporting both AC and DC power.

We don’t know yet which cameras will support TTL and HSS, as the Dante 400 is the first flash from Aurora Lite Bank to offer these features. To see what other options are available for your system, check out our TTL studio flash compatibility guide.

Update: full specifications are now available.

The Aurora Dante 400 will have a 10-watt LED modelling lamp, flash power control from full to 1/256 power (in 1/10-stop increments), a 5000mAh 14.8V lithium polymer battery with the capacity for 300 full-power flashes, and a 2.1 second recycling time. The head will weigh 2.5 kg without the battery, which adds another 1.2 kg.

Aurora Dante 400 specifications

Most interestingly, the Dante 400 will have a Cactus V6 radio receiver built in, which immediately gives it TTL and high-speed synchronisation up to 1/8000 second with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Micro Four Thirds, Fujifilm, Pentax and Sigma — the widest range of compatibility for any TTL off-camera flash, and effectively a spiritual successor to the aborted Cactus RQ250 Wireless Monolight. Compare that to other systems in our handy table.

Aurora Lite Bank Dante 400

Aurora Lite Bank Dante 400

Pricing and a release date for the Aurora Dante 400 have yet to be revealed. For more information, check the Aurora Lite Bank web site or the company’s Facebook page.

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