Author: David Monteith-Hodge

Deeko Bag Camera/Laptop Backpack review

So Lighting Rumours reviews for you lighting and triggering for lighting equipment, but how would you get all this illumination to and from your shoot?

Aputure Trigmaster Plus II 2.4G review

So I was invited to try my hand at some phood fotography at a local craft beer pub. What better way to put the Aputure Trigmaster Plus II 2.4G through its paces?

MeiKe Speedlight MK900 review

The MeiKe MK900 is a $170 third party ‘clone’ of the former flagship Nikon Speedlight SB-900.

Tronix Explorer XT3 battery pack review

The XT3 is Innovatronix’s biggest, most powerful location lighting solution yet. We put this pure sine wave battery inverter through its paces.

Aurora Portaflex Multiflector review

Korean manufacturer Aurora Lite Bank sent us one of their latest flash accessories to evaluate. The Portaflex Multiflector is a bendable 4-in-1 reflector for your speedlight.

Pixel Opas flash transceiver review

The Pixel Opas is a transceiver-based wireless flash trigger which looks similar to the popular Phottix Atlas. How does it fare in our review?

Hylow Speedlight Octa-Softbox kit review

Recently there has been a surge of more affordable light modifiers, and this one from China-based Hylow is a prime example of the movement.

Innovatronix Explorer Mini 230V review

The Tronix Explorer Mini is a battery inverter designed for portability. How does it fare powering our studio lights on location?

Lastolite Strobo Beauty Box review

The Strobo Beauty Box from Lastolite claims to be many things – a softbox, a beauty dish and everything in between. How good is this in practice?

Lastolite Brolly Grip review

The Lastolite Brolly Grip kit – how useful is it for run-and-gun location photography?