‘Behind the scenes’ June photography competition results

With a €140 software licence up for grabs, who is the winner of our third community photo competition?

Picture by Thierry Jacob-Girard

Summer is upon us. As we venture into July, we are pleased to announce the top entries to last month’s photography competition. The theme this time was a little bit unusual — “behind the scenes” — and the range of work on show was correspondingly diverse. There was a mix of educational set-up shots, odd out-takes and interesting insights into the preparation of photo-shoots.

With a €140 software licence to set.a.light 3D Studio, a photographic lighting simulation program, up for grabs, we enlisted Elixxier Software’s Alexander Koval to help with the judging process. Here are the results.

Winner – Thierry Jacob-Girard

Picture by Thierry Jacob-Girard

The coveted prize goes to Thierry Jacob-Girard from Dijon in France. With a “behind the scenes” shot as cracking as this, who even needs to see a final photo?

“The whole office loved this picture because it showed the joy and fun combined with a clever setup and cropping,” explains Alexander. “The colors do the rest to make it the number one shot for us.”

Second Place – Shlomi Cohen

Picture by Shlomi Cohen

Coming in second is Israeli photographer Shlomi Cohen with another fun set-up shot. As Cohen explains: “A spontaneous behind the scenes shot of a beach shoot a while back, the model was freezing and needed to show it.”

Alexander says: “Definitely our second choice because again it shows emotions. That is exactly what we want to help photographers with. Get the gear out of the way and give them the ability to concentrate on the model.”

Third Place – Elvis Vegas

Picture by Elvis Vegas

This montage from America is fascinating, showing everything from the camera settings to the lighting setup and crew behind the scenes through to the brilliant final image.

“The scenery is just stunning and we imagine what kind of effort it must have been to get the permissions for this kind of shooting,” Alexander adds. “Also the explanations provided are very cool.”

Commended – Scott Lewis

Picture by Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis gets an honourable mention for submitting far-and-away the most entries to the competition, with a number of different interesting and informative images on show. This one in particular is unusual as it helpfully demonstrates a non-obvious lighting setup used in the field.

For Thierry, our winner, Elixxier Software is giving away a full licence to set.a.light 3D Studio. But that’s not all! Elixxier representative Alexander says: “For second and third place we have a small surprise which will take 2–3 more weeks. But we will get it in your hands as soon as possible. Be prepared.” Keep following this site for more news.

Thanks to everybody for joining in the competition. Hopefully we’ll have another one lined up for you soon. You can look through the rest of June’s entries here. Don’t forget to join our Google+ community so you can join more contests, share images, get feedback and follow the latest news.

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.