Deal: £1500 off Bowens Creo generators at Calumet

Calumet UK has 37% off the Bowens Creo 1200 and 2400 studio packs.

Bowens Creo 1200

Calumet Photographic UK is offering 37% off Bowens Creo studio generators. The Creo 1200 is reduced from £3,199 to £1,999 and the Creo 2400 is now £2,499, formerly £3,999. Those are savings of £1,200 and £1,500, respectively.

Bowens Creo 1200

The Creo is the newest studio pack from UK lighting manufacturer, Bowens. It boasts flash durations as quick as 1/5000 second, a 9-stop power range and the ability to run two flash heads with independent control of settings. An optional remote (RC5) provides wireless control of the pack. The system is aimed at professional commercial photographers.

For more information, visit Calumet UK.

David Selby
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