Bowens distributing LED Light Cube, the flash with ‘no recycle time’

The LED Light Cube, a stackable photography light with user-set flash durations, is now on sale in the US and UK.

LED Light Cube

The LED Light Cube is now on sale in the US and UK. Manufactured by IC12, the LED Light Cube (LLC) is a multi-purpose light with user-configurable flash durations from 1/8000 second action-freezing pops all the way to continuous output for light painting and video shooting. As it uses LED rather than Xenon flash tube technology, there is effectively no recycle time between each shot.

LED Light Cube

Nathan Oxley, the managing director at Melbourne-based IC12 said: “The key Light Cube features are unique in the marketplace right now. We developed this product after documenting photographers’ ongoing and very real frustrations with their hardware limitations. Our engineers worked for fifteen months to deliver this hybrid light, which now enables both photographers and videographers to capture their moments without concerns about flash recycling times.”

According to the manufacturer, the LED Light Cube puts out 5,000 lumens and its slot-in lithium ion battery supports over 10,000 flashes (at full power, 1/60 second) on a single charge. If one Cube doesn’t provide the oomph you need, you can stack several of them together in an array.

LED Light Cube

Bowens is distributing the LED Light Cube in the United Kingdom for £430 excluding VAT. For more information, visit In the United States, you can buy it from Adorama and B&H Photo for $659. Accessories include barn doors, reflectors, snoots and adapters for Bowens and Elinchrom mounts.

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David Selby
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