Delayed ‘Generation X’ flash blamed for Bowens trade show exit

Bowens' pulled out from The Photography Show because its latest "Generation X" flash system was not ready for launch, the company says.

Bowens Directors L-R Alan Walmsley,John Gobbi and John Gass

Bowens, the lighting manufacturer, has issued a statement explaining its sudden decision not to appear at The Photography Show in March.

The company said it originally planned to use the event to show off a new “game-changing” flash system and other products, collectively named the “Generation X programme”, but these were not ready for launch. In a press release, sales and marketing director Alan Walmsley said:

“Despite our all-out attempts to fulfil this ambition on schedule it is clear that the first models of our new ‘Generation X’ programme will not meet the required delivery deadline. This is a major disappointment for all parties and we apologise unreservedly to everyone who was looking forward to seeing us and our new products in Birmingham.

“We are now planning our own dealer/distributor and press event in London in the summer — when we are 100% satisfied we will have fully working units available — not just renderings, plans and prototypes.”

Managing director John Gobbi added:

“We have noted recent social media noise, rumour and speculation but we must do what is right for the company. We want to launch our new-look products in fully working order and have them immediately available for our customers to buy – and sadly that is not now going to happen by the end of March.

“Bowens has undergone much change in recent months. We are effectively in the process of relaunching the company, embracing a renewed and reinvigorated focus on R&D and a brand new and highly compelling website.

“These initiatives are part and parcel of our plans to completely reimagine this amazing and much loved brand and I can guarantee that our game-changing ‘Generation X’ programme will be very much worth the wait.”

Bowens Directors L-R Alan Walmsley,John Gobbi and John Gass
L–R: Bowens directors Alan Walmsley, John Gobbi and John Gass

John Gass, technical director, said: “Generation X is the result of a major acceleration of our R&D programme, combined with a deep analysis of what our customers have been telling us they need to compete in today’s commercial environment. These new products are going to be unbeatable in their class in terms of functionality, aesthetics and of course, cost.”

Though there were delays in the development of their flash system, Bowens will still be exhibiting continuous lighting, namely the new Limelite Mosaic II LED panels, at the British Video Exhibition in London this week.

David Selby
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