Bowens Generation X teasers appear at Photography Show

Bowens' delayed Generation X flashes will be "available summer 2016", according to half-hidden posters at The Photography Show.

Bowens Lounge at The Photography Show 2016

We (that is, I) went along to The Photography Show in Birmingham today. Bowens controversially pulled out of the exhibition at the last minute because of delays to its “Generation X” flash system. However, the company were there in spirit, providing much-needed succour in the form of tea, cakes and comfy chairs to press and trade visitors in the Bowens Lounge.

The Photography Show 2016

Bowens Lounge at The Photography Show 2016

As well as refreshments, Bowens sneaked in a series of teaser posters for the Generation X, which is billed as “coming soon” and “available summer 2016”.

Bowens Lounge at The Photography Show 2016

As far as I can tell, these posters only appeared on the inside of the Lounge. This effectively hides them from the hoi polloi, who cannot access the area without a press/trade badge. If you are at the show you can still poke your head around the corner and have a peek, though. Bowens also liked my Tweet about it.

Bowens Lounge at The Photography Show 2016

There is little to glean from the posters about the Generation X flashes themselves, except perhaps that they seem to take design cues from the Broncolor Siros or maybe even the Interfit S1. Here a photo of the Siros for reference:

Broncolor Siros 400 S

The Photography Show runs until Tuesday 22nd March at The National Exhibition Centre.

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