Bowens, Sekonic & PocketWizard join forces in flash triggering

Bowens Gemini monolights will now accept optional PocketWizard radio modules.

PocketWizard Plus III for Bowens

PocketWizard Plus III for Bowens

PocketWizard, Sekonic and Bowens have announced a partnership to build a “complete wireless triggering solution” for off-camera flash. From now, Bowens Gemini monolights will accept optional modules permitting triggering from PocketWizard transmitters and certain Sekonic light meters.

The “alliance”, which starts in the US market, should be good news for both PocketWizard who have downsized after shrinking sales, and Bowens whose own Pulsar radio technology lags behind much of the market in terms of features.

It is questionable, however, whether this brings anything that’s really new, since Bowens photographers have been able to use PocketWizard radio cards for years, as an alternative to Pulsar modules. The former BW8185 modules were quietly discontinued for some time, though, so the announcement appears to herald their re-release.

The PocketWizard modules will work with the Bowens Gemini 500R, 500Pro, 750Pro, 1000Pro and 1500Pro and all PocketWizards or PocketWizard-enabled Sekonic exposure meters (such as the L-458DR and L-758DR). The communication supports basic triggering but not remote power adjustment.

The agreement has been marked with the production of a commemorative “Bowens yellow” PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver (pictured). Now if only they worked with smartphones, I’d get one to match my Lumia

David Selby
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