Bowens shrink their Pulsar Tx radio transmitter

Bowens have announced a smaller, lighter transmitter for their Pulsar radio triggering system.

Bowens Pulsar Tx

Bowens Pulsar Tx

Bowens have announced a smaller version of their Pulsar transmitter. The new Pulsar Tx has a compact, lightweight design so that “photographers can shoot normally, without fear of their camera becoming unbalanced”. The Pulsar Tx locks into the camera hotshoe with a “click-lock system” without need for a tightening screw.

According to Bowens’ marketing director, Robert Cook,

“The Tx is controlled by just two simple push buttons allowing full control over the 24 radio zones and the test flash function. And this trigger boasts a ‘shooting range’ of at least 25 metres, weighs in at just 34g and runs from a single, small CR2032 battery.”

Where to buy

The Bowens Pulsar Tx will be available for £79.99, or bundled with a Pulsar Rx card for £139.99 including VAT. A list of UK dealers can be found on the Bowens web site.

Bowens Pulsar Tx

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